Completed Cleanup Sites

The Office of Environmental Management has completed cleanup at these sites and either transferred ownership to the Office of Legacy Management (LM) or back to the active current site owner. Several LM sites consist of two or more locations representing historical processing and disposal sites and while represented separately but are managed as one site.

Completed Name State
2022 Brookhaven National Laboratory New York
2014 Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Site California
2011 Inhalation Toxicology Laboratory Site New Mexico
2010 General Electric Vallecitos Nuclear Center Site California
2009 Pantex Plant Site Texas
2009 Argonne National Laboratory - East Site Illinois
2008 Miamisburg Site Ohio
2007 Amchitka Island Site Alaska
2007 Columbus Environmental Management Project - West Jefferson, Ohio Site Ohio
2007 Ashtabula Environmental Management Project Site Ohio
2007 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Site California
2007 Fernald Environmental Management Project Site Ohio
2006 Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site Colorado
2006 Kansas City Plant Site Missouri
2006 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Site California
2005 Salmon Site Mississippi
2005 Laboratory for Energy-Related Health Research Site California
2002 Maxey Flats Disposal Site Kentucky
2001 General Atomics Hot Cell Facility Site California
2001 Weldon Spring Site Missouri
2000 Columbus Environmental Management Project - King Avenue, Ohio Site Ohio
2000 Argonne National Laboratory - West Site Idaho
1999 Princeton Plasma Physic Laboratory Site New Jersey
1999 Sandia National Laboratories Site California
1999 Monticello Remedial Action Project Sites Utah
1998 Bowman Site North Dakota
1998 Maybell Disposal Site Colorado
1998 Naturita Disposal/Processing Site Colorado
1998 Center for Energy and Environmental Research Site Puerto Rico
1998 Ames Laboratory Site Iowa
1997 Site A/Plot M Decommissioned Reactor Site Illinois
1997 Geothermal Test Facility Site California
1997 New Rifle Disposal/Processing Site Colorado
1997 Old Rifle Disposal/Processing Site Colorado
1997 Pinellas Plant Site Florida
1997 Slick Rock Old North Continent Disposal/Processing Site Colorado
1997 Slick Rock Union Carbide Site (East) Colorado
1997 New Brunswick Site New Jersey
1997 Ventron Site Massachusetts
1997 Bellfield Site North Dakota
1996 Oxnard Facility Site California
1996 South Valley Superfund Site New Mexico
1996 B&T Metals Site Ohio
1996 Baker Brothers Site Ohio
1996 Oak Ridge Associated Universities Site Tennessee
1996 Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Site Illinois
1995 Ambrosia Lake Site New Mexico
1995 Holloman Air Force Base Site New Mexico
1995 Kauai Test Facility Site Hawaii
1995 Mexican Hat Disposal Site Utah
1995 Tampa Peak Oil PRP Participation Site Florida
1995 Alba Craft Site Ohio
1995 Associate Aircraft Site Ohio
1995 C. H. Schnoor Site Pennsylvania
1995 Chapman Valve Site Massachusetts
1995 General Motors Site Michigan
1995 Herring-Hall Marvin Safe Co. Site Ohio
1995 Gunnison Disposal/Processing Site Colorado
1994 Falls City Disposal Site Texas
1994 Grand Junction Mill Tailings Disposal/Processing Site Colorado
2001 Grand Junction Site Office Colorado
1994 Monument Valley Processing Site Arizona
1994 Salton Sea Test Base Facility Arizona
1994 Project Chariot Site Alaska
1994 Aliquippa Forge Site Pennsylvania
1994 Granite City Steel Site Illinois
1994 Seymour Specialty Wire Site Connecticut
1993 Albany Research Center Site Oregon
1993 Baker and Williams Warehouses Site New York
1992 Lowman Disposal Site Idaho
1992 Pagano Salvage Yard New Mexico
1992 Elza Gate Warehouses Site Tennessee
1991 Durango Disposal/Processing Site Colorado
1990 Green River Disposal Site Utah
1990 Lakeview Disposal/Processing Site Oregon
1990 Riverton Processing Site Wyoming
1990 Tuba City Disposal Site Arizona
1989 Salt Lake City Disposal/Processing Site Utah
1989 Spook, WY Disposal Site Wyoming
1989 National Guard Armory Site Illinois
1989 University of Chicago Site Illinois
1987 Shiprock Disposal Site New Mexico
1987 Middlesex Municipal Landfill New Jersey
1987 Niagara Falls Storage Site Vicinity Properties Site New York
1986 Canonsburg Disposal Site Pennsylvania
1984 Acid/Pueblo Canyons Site New Mexico
1984 Chupadera Mesa Site New Mexcio
1982 Bayo Canyon FUSRAP Site New Mexico
1982 Kellex/Pierpont Site New Jersey
1982 University of California Site California
1969 Hallam Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioned Reactor Site Nebraska
1969 Piqua Nuclear Power Facility Decommissioned Reactor Site Ohio