#1009Nearly Five Billion Trips Were Made Using Transit Rail in 2016December 25, 2017
#1008Median All-Electric Vehicle Range Grew from 73 Miles in Model Year 2011 to 114 Miles in Model Year 2017December 18, 2017
#1007California has over 15,000 Electric Vehicle Charging Units, Ten Percent of which are Fast ChargersDecember 11, 2017
#1006Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Needs for Nationwide CoverageDecember 4, 2017
#1005Eleven Diesel Models for Sale in the U.S. in Model Year 2017November 27, 2017
#1004California Had the Highest Concentration of Plug-in Vehicles Relative to Population in 2016November 20, 2017
#1003Cars Constituted a Larger Fraction of Light-Duty Vehicle Sales for Fleets than Retail Vehicle Sales in 2016November 13, 2017
#1002The Trade Deficit of Petroleum in 2016 Was at its Lowest Since 1998November 6, 2017
#1001One Thousand Transportation Analysis Facts of the Week have been Published OnlineOctober 30, 2017
#1000U.S. Petroleum Production Met Demand from Transportation Petroleum Consumption in 2015October 23, 2017
#999Despite Rise in Vehicle Miles of Travel, Highway Pollutants in 2016 Are Less Than Half as in 2002October 16, 2017
#998Highway Vehicles Responsible for a Declining Share of PollutantsOctober 9, 2017
#997Average Age of Cars and Light Trucks Was Almost 12 Years in 2016October 2, 2017
#996Transportation Accounts for Nearly Three Quarters of Petroleum ConsumptionSeptember 25, 2017
#995Electric Vehicle Charging at Home Typically Draws Less Than Half the Power of an Electric FurnaceSeptember 18, 2017
#994Electric Vehicle Charging Consumes Less Energy than Water Heating in a Typical HouseholdSeptember 11, 2017
#993By Value, Nearly Three-Fourths of Imports from Mexico and More Than Half of Imports from Canada are Transported by TruckSeptember 4, 2017
#992Motor Vehicles Are One of the Most Valuable Commodities Shipped in the United StatesAugust 28, 2017
#991By Mode of Transportation, Freight Tonnage and Freight Value Show Different TrendsAugust 21, 2017
#990Comparison of Vehicle Efficiencies Using the Air Conditioner versus Windows DownAugust 14, 2017
#989The Most Common Price Point for Light Vehicles Sold in 2016 was $27,000August 7, 2017
#988The Average Price of a New Light Vehicle was Nearly $32,000 in 2016July 31, 2017
#987What Do We Pay for in a Gallon of Gasoline?July 24, 2017
#986The Price of a Barrel of Crude Oil in 2016 Was the Lowest Since 2003July 17, 2017
#985Average Historical Annual Gasoline Pump Price, 1929–2016July 10, 2017
#984It is More Efficient to Stop and Restart a Vehicle’s Engine than to Idle for as Little as Ten SecondJuly 3, 2017
#983Proper Tire Pressure Saves FuelJune 26, 2017
#982Slow Down to Save Fuel: Fuel Economy Decreases About 14% When Traveling at 70 mph Versus 60 mphJune 19, 2017
#981Using a Cargo Box on Top of a Vehicle Can Reduce Fuel Economy by 25%June 12, 2017
#980Use of Lightweight Materials Has Increased in the Last 20 YearsJune 5, 2017
#979More than One-Third of New Transmissions in 2016 Had a High Number of GearsMay 29, 2017
#978New Technology Penetration in Light VehiclesMay 22, 2017
#977Nearly One Quarter of Vehicles Sold in Norway in 2016 were Plug-in VehiclesMay 15, 2017
#976China has the Highest Number of Sales of Plug-in Vehicles in the WorldMay 8, 2017
#975Over Half of All-electric Vehicle Sales in 2016 Were Large Cars and Standard SUVsMay 1, 2017
#974Plug-in Vehicle Sales Increased 40% in 2016April 24, 2017
#973Truck Stop Electrification Services to Reduce Idling Are Available in 35 StatesApril 17, 2017
#972Thirteen Percent of Vehicles Worldwide Are Produced in the United StatesApril 10, 2017
#971Production and Manufacturing Comprise One-Third of Motor Vehicles JobsApril 3, 2017
#970Eleven Percent of Motor Vehicles Jobs Focus on Alternative Fuel and Advanced Technology VehiclesMarch 27, 2017
#969New Vehicle Fuel Economy Has Improved 33% From 1980 to 2016March 20, 2017
#968All-electric Vehicles Have the Lowest Estimated Annual Fuel CostMarch 13, 2017
#967$500 to $3,850: Wide Range for Model Year 2017 Estimated Annual Fuel CostsMarch 6, 2017
#966Production of Petroleum in the United States was at an All-time High in 2015February 27, 2017
#965The United States Produced More Petroleum than Any Other Country in 2015February 20, 2017
#964Motor Gasoline Is Most Common Petroleum Product from U.S. RefineriesFebruary 13, 2017
#963Share of Petroleum Product Output from Refineries Varies by World RegionFebruary 6, 2017
#962Vehicles per Capita: Other Regions/Countries Compared to the United StatesJanuary 30, 2017
#961Alternative Fuel Corridors Established by the Federal Highway AdministrationJanuary 23, 2017
#960Electricity and CNG Fuels had the Lowest Price Variability Over the Past 16 YearsJanuary 16, 2017
#959Record Light Vehicle Sales in 2016January 9, 2017
#958Sixty-three Percent of All Housing Units have a Garage or CarportJanuary 2, 2017

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