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According to the newly released 2015 American Housing Survey, 63% of all occupied housing units have a garage or carport. Garages and carports often have access to electricity for parked vehicles, so these data are important for electric vehicle market analysis. Seventy-percent of new construction units (five years old or less) have a garage or carport. The West and Midwest regions of the country have a greater percentage of housing with garages or carports, each with over 70%. For rental housing units, only 37% have a garage/carport, as compared to 78% for those owning housing units.

Share of Housing Units with a Garage or Carport, 2015

Share of houses with a garage or carport in 2015. The categories are older than 5 years-63% and new construction (<=5 years)-71%; West-76%, South-56%, Midwest-72%, Northeast-49%; Renter-37% and Owner-78%

Note: A housing unit is a house, apartment, group of rooms, or single room occupied or intended for occupancy as separate living quarters.

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Supporting Information

Share of Housing Units with Garage or Carport, 2015
 Share of Occupied
Housing Units
Percent with a
Garage or Carport
Location - Census Region
Age of Housing Unit
New construction (< = 5 years)3%71%
Older than 5 years97%63%
All Occupied Units
Total118,290 units63%

Source: U.S. Bureau of the Census, 2015 American Housing Survey, AHS Table Creator, Accessed December 2, 2016.

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