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#1152, September 21, 2020, Alternative Fuel Corridors Expanding Across United States

1151Lithium-Ion Battery Capacity for New All-Electric Vehicles Sold in the United States Reached a Record High in 2019September 14, 2020
1150Trucks Moved 68% of All Freight by Weight and 73% of Freight by Value in 2018September 7, 2020
1149The Cost of Charging an Electric Vehicle in the United States Averages 15 Cents per Kilowatt-HourAugust 31, 2020
1148Thirty-four States Produced a Total of 1.9 Billion Gallons of Biodiesel in 2018August 24, 2020
1147Iowa Produced More Than One-Quarter of All U.S.-Produced Fuel Ethanol in 2018August 17, 2020
1146Nearly 70% of Light-Duty Plug-in Electric Vehicles in the United States Were Assembled DomesticallyAugust 10, 2020
1145Plug-In Electric Vehicles Are Available in Many Passenger Vehicle Size ClassesAugust 3, 2020
1144U.S. Energy Savings Due to Light-Duty Plug-In Electric Vehicle Use Estimated at 44.8 Trillion Btu in 2019July 27, 2020
1143On Average, Combination Trucks Travel More Than Five Times Farther in a Year Than Single-Unit TruckJuly 20k 2020
1142Refineries in the Americas Produce a Greater Share of Gasoline per Barrel of Crude Oil than Refineries in other World RegionsJuly 13, 2020
1141Five Different Test Cycles Are Used to Determine Fuel Economy Estimates on New Light-Duty VehiclesJuly 6, 2020
1140Mexico and Canada are the Biggest Recipients of U.S. Petroleum ExportsJune 29, 2020
1139Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Stations and Outlets: CCS or CHAdeMOJune 22, 2020
1138New Light-Duty Vehicle Fuel Economy in the United States Has Nearly Doubled Since 1975June 15, 2020
1137One-Third of all Light-Duty Vehicles Produced in the 2019 Model Year Were TurbochargedJune 8, 2020
1136Plug-in Vehicle Sales Accounted for about 2% of all Light-Duty Vehicle Sales in the United States in 2019June 1, 2020
1135Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards Finalized Through 2026May 25, 2020
1134Electricity Sources Influence Electric Vehicle Upstream EmissionsMay 18, 2020
1133There Were Nearly 700 Vehicles per Thousand People in North America in 2017May 11, 2020
1132Texas and the Gulf of Mexico Accounted for More than Half of U.S. Crude Oil Production in 2019May 4, 2020
1131Average Fuel Economy for Model Year 2019 Light-Duty Vehicles Was 95% Better than Model Year 1975April 27, 2020
1130Transportation was Nearly 16% of Household Expenditures in 2018April 20, 2020
1129The Gulf Coast Region Had the Lowest Average Annual Gasoline Price in 2019April 13, 2020
1128Innovations in Automotive Battery Cell CompositionApril 6, 2020
1127Since Model Year 2016, Automatic Transmissions Have Provided Better Average Fuel Economy than Manual TransmissionsMarch 30, 2020
1126Fuel Economy Myths and FactsMarch 23, 2020
1125Light-Duty Vehicles Were Produced in 14 Different States in 2018March 16, 2020
1124U.S. All-Electric Vehicle Sales Level Off in 2019March 9, 2020
1123Recent Growth of Vehicle Miles of Travel Occurred on Urban RoadwaysMarch 2, 2020
1122Share of Driver’s License Holders Age 65 and Older Has IncreasedFebruary 24, 2020
1121Crude Oil Accounted for the Majority of Primary Energy Imports to the United States in 2018 While Nearly Half of U.S. Exports Were Petroleum ProductsFebruary 17, 2020
1120U.S. Primary Energy Exports Have Risen 205% Over the Last Ten Years While Energy Imports Decreased by 25%February 10, 2020
1119Monthly Trend in Light-Duty Vehicle Sales, 2019February 3, 2020
1118Two-Thirds of Freight Shipped in the U.S. Was Shipped Less Than 100 Miles in 2018January 27, 2020
1117The Number of U.S. Crude Oil Refineries Has Declined but Total Distillation Capacity Has Risen From 1982 to 2019January 20, 2020
1116U.S. Light-Duty Vehicle Sales in 2019 Were Nearly 17 Million VehiclesJanuary 13, 2020
1115Urban Congestion Decreased from 2014 to 2018January 6, 2020