1322Fifteen Percent of Workers in the United States Worked from Home in 2022December 25, 2023
1321E-Bike Sales in the United States Exceeded One Million in 2022December 18, 2023
1320Number of U.S. Electric School Buses More than Doubled from March 2022 to June 2023December 11, 2023
1319EV Charging at Paid DC Fast Charging Stations Average 42 Minutes per SessionDecember 4, 2023
1318Shared Micromobility Trips in the United States Recovered from Pandemic Lows by 2022November 27, 2023
1317Thirty Percent of Cities in the United States with Shared Micromobility Options had Both Bikeshare and Scootershare in 2022November 20, 2023
1316Nearly Half of EPA Size Classes Had at Least One Vehicle with Fuel Economy Greater Than 100 MPGe for Model Year 2023November 13, 2023
1315The Private Sector Accounts for 89% of Announced American-Made Battery InvestmentsNovember 6, 2023
1314Manufacturers Have Announced Investments of Over $500 million in More Than 40 American-Made Electric Vehicle Charger PlantsOctober 30, 2023
1313Relationship between Vehicle Miles Traveled and Gasoline Prices Has Not Returned to Historical Pattern Following the PandemicOctober 23, 2023
1312By Value, Motorized Vehicles Topped the List of Commodities Shipped by Rail in 2022October 16, 2023
1311Port Houston, Texas Ranked First of All U.S. Ports in Tons of Freight Moved in 2020October 9, 2023
1310The United States Has Been a Positive Net Exporter of Primary Energy Since 2019October 2, 2023
1309There Were Four Counties in California with Electric Vehicle Market Penetration Exceeding 30% as of December 2022September 25, 2023
1308Sixty-Seven Percent of all Housing Units in the United States Have Vehicle Parking Within 20 Feet of an Electrical OutletSeptember 18, 2023
1307Electric Vehicle Charging Consumed Less Energy than Water Heating in a Typical U.S. Household in 2020September 11, 2023,
1306Model Year 2022 Light-Duty Vehicles Sold in the U.S. Averaged 26.4 Miles Per GallonSeptember 4, 2023
1305Growth in the Number of Vehicles in the U.S. Outpaced Growth in Population and Licensed Drivers from 1960 to 2021August 28, 2023
1304In 2023, Non-Fossil Fuel Sources Will Account for 86% of New Electric Utility Generation Capacity in the United StatesAugust 21, 2023
1303From Cradle to Grave, Electric Vehicles Have Fewer Greenhouse Gas Emissions Than Conventional VehiclesAugust 14, 2023
1302In 2021, 87% of U.S. Truck Freight Tonnage Was Shipped Less than 250 MilesAugust 7, 2023
1301Two-Thirds of Freight Tonnage and Three-Fourths of Freight Value in the U.S. Was Moved by Truck in 2021July 31, 2023
1300In the First Quarter of 2023, 21.5% of all Public Electric Vehicle Charge Ports Were for DC Fast ChargingJuly 24, 2023
1299The Number of Electric Vehicle Charging Ports in the U.S. Nearly Doubled in the Past Three YearsJuly 17, 2023
1298The Highest EPA-Rated Fuel Economy for Model Year 2023 Was 140 Miles per Gallon Equivalent Achieved by Two Electric Vehicle ModelsJuly 10, 2023
1297For the Past Six Months, Average Nationwide Monthly Gasoline Prices Have Been Below $4 per GallonJuly 3, 2023
1296Data from the Six Largest Bikeshare Systems Show that Trips Are on the RiseJune 26, 2023
1295All-Electric Cars Offer Wide Selection of RangesJune 19, 2023
1294In 2021, Combination Trucks Were Driven More Than 62,000 Miles Annually on AverageJune 12, 2023
1293In 2019, More Heavy Trucks Operated at 34,000 to 36,000 Pounds than Any Other Weight CategoryJune 5, 2023
1292Light Trucks Dominated Sales of Light-Duty Vehicles with an MSRP over $30,000May 29, 2023
1291Net Generation of Electricity from Renewable Sources Exceeded Coal and Nuclear in 2022May 22, 2023
1290In Model Year 2022, the Longest-Range EV Reached 520 Miles on a Single ChargeMay 15, 2023
1289New Vehicle Fuel Economy Improved by 33% from 1980 to 2022 while Performance IncreasedMay 8, 2023
1288U.S. Motor Fuel Taxes are Lower than in Other Developed CountriesMay 1, 2023
1287Wyoming has the Highest Per Capita Number of Registered Light-Duty VehiclesApril 24, 2023
1286Top 10 New Electric Vehicle Registrations in 2022 Were Models with Long RangesApril 17, 2023
1285Vehicle Miles Traveled in 2021 and 2022 Followed a Similar Monthly Pattern as the Years Preceding the PandemicApril 10, 2023
1284Average Travel Time to Work Was About 27 Minutes in 2021April 3, 2023
1283The Share of At-Home Workers Doubled From 2018 to 2021March 27, 2023
1282The Number of Light-Duty All-Electric Vehicle Models Nearly Doubled from Model Year 2021 to 2022March 20, 2023
1281Over 14% of Light-Duty Vehicles Produced in 2022 had a Fuel Economy of 35 Miles per Gallon or HigherMarch 13, 2023
1280More than 99% of All Light-Duty Vehicles Produced in 2022 Came with Automatic TransmissionsMarch 6, 2023
1279Seven States and the District of Columbia Had More Than 10 Plug-In Vehicle Registrations per Thousand People in 2022February 27, 2023
1278Most Battery Cells and Battery Packs in Plug-in Vehicles Sold in the United States From 2010 to 2021 Were Domestically ProducedFebruary 20, 2023
1277Nearly 60% of Light-Duty Vehicles Produced in 2022 had All-Wheel or 4-Wheel DriveFebruary 13, 2023
1276U.S. New Light-Duty Vehicle Sales Totaled 13.8 million in 2022February 6, 2023
1275Monthly Plug-in Electric Vehicle Sales in the United States Exceeded 7% of All New Light-Duty Vehicle Sales for the First Time in September 2022January 30, 2023
1274Twenty Percent of Electricity in the U.S. Was Generated from Renewable SourcesJanuary 23, 2023
1273FuelEconomy.gov Releases Top Ten Lists for Model Year 2023January 16, 2023
1272Electric Vehicle Battery Pack Costs in 2022 Are Nearly 90% Lower than in 2008, according to DOE EstimatesJanuary 9, 2023
1271Electric Vehicle Battery Manufacturing Capacity in North America in 2030 is Projected to be Nearly 20 Times Greater than in 2021January 2, 2023