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Announcements of private sector investments in American-made battery technologies have been increasing over the last few years, with 208 as of September 2023. There have also been 27 Federal investment announcements. The map below shows locations of new announcements of minerals extraction and processing, battery component manufacturing, battery cell manufacturing, and battery pack manufacturing. This includes formally announced mines for lithium, cobalt, and other battery minerals; processing facilities for battery minerals; facilities to produce battery components; and commercial and pilot-scale battery cell and pack manufacturing. It is anticipated that the more than $100 billion in investments (private and federal) will create over 75,000 jobs.

Announced American-Made Battery Investments as of September 2023

Note: Many facilities are conditional on financing, funding, site control, and other factors.

Source: U. S. Department of Energy, Building America's Clean Energy Future, accessed September 27, 2023.