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Monthly sales of new plug-in electric vehicles (PEV), including all-electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), reached 7.4% of all light-duty sales in September 2022, exceeding a 7% share for the first time. Of these, 6.2% were EVs and 1.2% were PHEVs. From the introduction of mass-market PEVs in 2010, it took about a decade for monthly sales of PEVs to routinely exceed a 2% share of all light-duty vehicle sales. That share then more than tripled in just two years to over 7%.

Light-Duty Plug-In Vehicle Monthly Market Share December 2010 - December 2022

Source: Argonne National Laboratory, Light-Duty Electric Drive Vehicles Monthly Sales Updates, December 2022.