#957List of the Top Ten Most Fuel Efficient Light Vehicles, Model Year 2017December 26, 2016
#956Thirty-four Percent of Light Vehicles Produced in Model Year 2016 were Sport Utility VehiclesDecember 19, 2016
#955New Light Vehicle Fuel Economy at an All-Time HighDecember 12, 2016
#954Gasoline Taxes in the United States Were Below 20% of the Total Price in 2015December 5, 2016
#953On-road Transportation Consumes More than 80% of all Transportation EnergyNovember 28, 2016
#952NHTSA and EPA Finalized Medium and Heavy Truck Fuel Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Standards through Model Year 2027November 21, 2016
#951Medium and Heavy Trucks Account for About a Quarter of Highway Vehicle Fuel UseNovember 14, 2016
#950Well-to-Wheel Emissions from a Typical EV by State, 2015November 7, 2016
#949Reduced CO2 Emissions in the Electric Power Sector Will Benefit the Transportation Sector as Electrification GrowsOctober 31, 2016
#948Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Transportation Exceeded those from the Electric Power Sector for the First Time in 38 YearsOctober 24, 2016
#947Over Half a Million Plug-in Vehicles Have Been Sold in the United States as of September 2016October 17, 2016
#946Driving Alone in a Private Vehicle is the Most Common Means of Transportation to WorkOctober 10, 2016
#945Vehicle Miles of Travel Has Reached New HighsOctober 3, 2016
#944Public Opinion of Fuels Which Could Replace GasolineSeptember 26, 2016
#943Fuel Economy Being Chosen as the Most Important Vehicle Attribute is Related to the Price of GasolineSeptember 19, 2016
#942Fifteen Percent of Survey Respondents Consider Fuel Economy Most Important when Purchasing a VehicleSeptember 12, 2016
#941Mid-term Evaluation of the Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards May Impact Future Standards for Model Years 2022 to 2025September 5, 2016
#940Diverging Trends of Engine Compression Ratio and Gasoline Octane RatingAugust 29, 2016
#939All-Electric Vehicle Ranges Can Exceed Those of Some Gasoline VehiclesAugust 22, 2016
#938Median All-Electric Vehicle Range Grew from 73 Miles in Model Year 2011 to 83.5 Miles in Model Year 2016August 15, 2016
#937Total Battery Capacity of all Plug-in Electric Vehicles Sold Increased from 2014 to 2015August 8, 2016
#936California Had the Highest Concentration of Plug-in Vehicles Relative to Population in 2015August 1, 2016
#935By Volume, Net Petroleum Imports are at Lowest Point Since 1985July 25, 2016
#934OPEC Accounts for Less than One-third of U.S. Petroleum ImportsJuly 18, 2016
#933Texas, North Dakota, and the Gulf of Mexico Account for Two-Thirds of U.S. Crude Oil ProductionJuly 11, 2016
#932Longer Combination Trucks Are Only Permitted on Some RoutesJuly 4, 2016
#931Plug-in Electric Vehicles Were Available in Nine Different Size Classes in 2015June 27, 2016
#930Subcompact Plug-in Vehicle Sales Reached 4% of Subcompact Sales in February 2015June 20, 2016
#929Heavy Truck Speed Limits Are InconsistentJune 13, 2016
#928Price Difference between Regular and Premium Gasoline Has Grown Each Year Since 2011June 6, 2016
#927The United States Imported Over $70 Billion Worth of Vehicles and Parts from Mexico in 2015May 30, 2016
#926Petroleum Imports Below $200 Billion, Lowest Point in Over a DecadeMay 23, 2016
#925Improvements in Fuel Economy for Low-MPG Vehicles Yield the Greatest SavingsMay 16, 2016
#924Twenty Percent of New Cars in 2015 Had TurbochargersMay 9, 2016
#923Cylinder Deactivation was Used in More than a Quarter of New Light Trucks Produced in 2015May 2, 2016
#922Share of Older Population Holding Driver's Licenses is Up and Share of Younger Population Holding Driver's Licenses is DownApril 25, 2016
#921Japan Produced the Most Automotive Lithium-ion Batteries by Capacity in 2014April 18, 2016
#920Electric Charging Stations are the Fastest Growing Type of Alternative Fueling StationApril 11, 2016
#919Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charging Options and Times Vary ConsiderablyApril 4, 2016
#918Global Plug-in Light Vehicle Sales Increased by About 80% in 2015March 28, 2016
#917Work Truck Daily Idle Time by IndustryMarch 21, 2016
#916Fuel Savings/Emissions Reduction was the Top Reason Cited by Truck Fleet Management for Adopting Idle Reduction TechnologiesMarch 14, 2016
#915Average Historical Annual Gasoline Pump Price, 1929-2015March 7, 2016
#914Plug-in Vehicle Sales Climb as Battery Costs DeclineFebruary 29, 2016
#913The Most Common Warranty for Plug-In Vehicle Batteries is 8 Years/100,000 MilesFebruary 22, 2016
#912Plug-in Vehicle Owners Take Advantage of Off-Peak ChargingFebruary 15, 2016
#911Workplace Charging Increases VMT of Plug-in Vehicles in the EV ProjectFebruary 8, 2016
#910Study Shows Average Cost of Electric Vehicle Charger InstallationsFebruary 1, 2016
#909Workplace Charging Accounts for About a Third of All Plug-in Vehicle
Charging Sessions in the INL EV Project Study
January 25, 2016
#908Light Vehicle Sales Rise for Five Consecutive YearsJanuary 18, 2016
#907Light Vehicle Sales at a Record High in 2015January 11, 2016
#906VMT and the Price of Gasoline Typically Move in OppositionJanuary 4, 2016

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