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Plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) which include all-electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles were available in nine different vehicle classes in 2015. There were a total of about 114,000 PEV sold in 2015 with 60% of those midsize or large cars, such as the Nissan Leaf and the Tesla Model S. Compact and subcompact vehicles accounted for about one-third of plug-in vehicle sales while all other size classes combined had sales of just 7%. As the number of PEV models in the market has increased from four* to twenty-nine, sales of PEVs have increased more than six-fold from 2011 to 2015.

PEV Sales by Size Class, 2011-2015

Graphic showing PEV sales by size class from 2011 to 2015. Classes include standard SUV, small SUV, small wagon, large, midsize, compact, subcompact, minicompact, and two-seater

* The four models that were available in 2011 were the Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt, Mitsubishi iMiEV, and Smart ED.


PEV Models by Size Class
Vehicle Size ClassMake/Model
Two-seaterSmart ED
MinicompactFiat 500E
SubcompactMitsubishi iMiEV
BMW Active E
Chevrolet Spark
Cadillac ELR
BMW i3
BMW i8
CompactChevrolet Volt
Ford Focus
VW e-Golf
Audi A3 Plug In
MidsizeNissan Leaf
Prius PHEV
Ford C-Max Energi
Honda Accord
Ford Fusion Energi
Mercedes B-Class
Hyundai Sonata Plug In
LargeTesla Model S
Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid
Mercedes S550 Plug
Small WagonHonda Fit EV
Kia Soul EV
Small SUVToyota RAV4 EV
Standard SUVPorsche Cayenne S E-hybrid
Volvo-XC90 Plug In
Tesla Model X

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Supporting Information

PEV Sales by Size Class, 2011-2015
Calendar YearTwo-seaterMini-compactSub-compactCompactMidsizeLargeSmall WagonSmall SUVStandard SUVTotal

Source: Argonne National Laboratory, Light Duty Electric Drive Vehicles Monthly Sales Updates.

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