1062U.S. Exports of Natural Gas Surpass Imports in 2017December 31, 2018
1061Vermont Had a Growth Rate of 56.4% for Plug-in Vehicle Registrations per Capita from 2016 to 2017December 24, 2018
1060Transportation Services Index Shows Freight at an All-Time High in August 2018December 17, 2018
1059California Had the Most Plug-in Vehicle Registrations per 1,000 People in 2017December 10, 2018
1058Two-thirds of all Housing Units Had a Garage or Carport in 2017December 3, 2018
1057One Million Plug-in Vehicles Have Been Sold in the United StatesNovember 26, 2018
1056Petroleum Net Imports as a Share of U.S. Consumption in 2017 was at the Lowest Level Since 1967November 19, 2018
1055Michigan Continues to Lead in Light-Duty Vehicle ProductionNovember 12, 2018
1054The Transportation Sector Used 43.4 Billion Cubic Feet of Natural Gas for Vehicle Fuel in 2017November 5, 2018
1053Sales of Crossover Vehicles Are Up 116.9% in the Last Ten YearsOctober 29, 2018
1052Four Networks Maintain Over 60% of 22,343 Level 2 and DC Fast Charging StationsOctober 22, 2018
1051All-Electric Vehicles Make Up 53% of Plug-In Vehicle Sales to DateOctober 15, 2018
1050Vehicles per Thousand People in China in 2016 was Similar to the United States in 1923October 8, 2018
1049The United States Consumed 20% of World Petroleum in 2017October 1, 2018
1048The United States Supplies 16% of World PetroleumSeptember 24, 2018
1047Daily Vehicle Miles Traveled Varies with the Number of Household VehiclesSeptember 17, 2018
1046The Average Household Vehicle Was Driven 10,200 Miles in 2017September 10, 2018
104577%-82% of Energy Put into an Electric Car is Used to Move the Car Down the RoadSeptember 3, 2018
104412-30% of Energy Put into a Conventional Car is Used to Move the Car Down the RoadAugust 27, 2018
1043Engine Compression Ratio and Gasoline Octane Rating Diverge Following Ban of Leaded GasolineAugust 20, 2018
1042In 2017 Nearly 60% of All Vehicle Trips Were Less than Six MilesAugust 13, 2018
1041Households Take Fewer Vehicle Trips in 2017August 6, 2018
1040Average Vehicle Occupancy Remains Unchanged From 2009 to 2017July 30, 2018
1039Transportation Expenditure Types Vary by Income CategoryJuly 23, 2018
1038Companies Now Offer Vehicle Subscription ServicesJuly 16, 2018
1037Model Year 2017 Vehicles Were More Fuel Efficient with Improved Horsepower and AccelerationJuly 9, 2018
1036Transportation was Nearly 16% of Household Expenditures in 2016July 2, 2018
1035Pennsylvania Has the Highest State Gasoline TaxesJune 25, 2018
1034Short-Haul Shipments of Gasoline Transported Primarily by Truck and Pipeline While Long-Haul Shipments Transported Primarily by Rail and WaterJune 18, 2018
1033Washington State Has the Greatest Fuel Cost Savings for an Electric Vehicle Versus a Gasoline VehicleJune 11, 2018
1032Workers in New York State Had the Longest Commute Times in 2016June 4, 2018
1031Three-fourths of All Workers Drove Alone to Work in 2016May 28, 2018
1030Plug-in Vehicles Consumed Nearly Two Terawatt-hours of Electricity in 2017May 21, 2018
1029Plug-in Vehicles Displaced 216 Million Gallons of Gasoline in 2017May 14, 2018
1028The Price of a Gallon of Premium Gasoline Averaged 50 Cents Higher than Regular Gasoline in 2017May 7, 2018
1027Manufacturers Recommend Premium Gasoline for 47% of New Vehicle Models in 2017April 30, 2018
1026Nearly Two-Thirds of U.S. Plug-In Vehicles Were Assembled in the United StatesApril 23, 2018
1025China’s Plug-in Vehicle Market Share was More Than Double That of the U.S. for 2017April 16, 2018
1024Changes in Vehicle Miles of Travel Often Mirror Gasoline Price ChangesApril 9, 2018
1023Gross Domestic Product Continues to Outpace Vehicle Miles TraveledApril 2, 2018
1022U.S. Crude Oil Exports Skyrocketed in 2016 and 2017March 26, 2018
1021Texas, North Dakota, and the Gulf of Mexico Account for Two-Thirds of U.S. Crude Oil ProductionMarch 19, 2018
1020Transportation-related Employment was 16% Higher in 2017 Than in 1990March 12
1019About 11 Million Employees were in Transportation-related Jobs in 2017March 5
1018About Half of All New Cars and Light Trucks Have Gasoline Direct InjectionFebruary 26
1017Non-Hybrid Stop-Start Systems Doubled for Light Trucks from 2016 to 2017February 19
1016Thirty Percent of Model Year 2017 Cars Have Continuously Variable TransmissionsFebruary 12
1015Nearly Half of All New Cars Sold In 2017 Achieved Fuel Economy Above 30 Miles per GallonFebruary 5
1014Vehicle-Miles in 2016 were Seven Times More Than in 1950January 29
1013Highest Average Gas Prices are in the WestJanuary 22
1012On-Road Vehicles Are Responsible for Three-Fourths of Transportation Energy UseJanuary 15
1011Light Vehicle Market in 2017 Shows High September SalesJanuary 8
1010All-Electric Light Vehicle Ranges Can Exceed Those of Some Gasoline Light VehiclesJanuary 1

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