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In 2017 there were 25 transportation-related employment categories with combined employment of about 11 million, which is 7.5% of total employment. Retail motor vehicles and parts sales employment made up the largest share (18%), with truck freight transportation (including drivers) second with 13%.

Pie chart showing transportation-related employment in 2017. Retail motor vehicles and parts sales made up 18% and truck freight transportation made up 13%.


  • "Other" category includes: Travel arrangement and reservation services, Rail transportation, Automotive equipment rental and leasing, Auto & light truck manufacturing, Motor vehicle body & trailer manufacturing, Oil & gas pipeline construction, Ship & boat building, Water transportation, Railroad rolling stock & other transportation equipment manufacturing, Tire manufacturing, Pipeline transportation, Scenic & sightseeing, and Heavy-duty truck manufacturing. Each of these categories represented less than 3% of transportation-related employment.
  • Employment is the total number of persons on establishment payrolls employed full- or part-time who received pay (whether they worked or not) for any part of the pay period that includes the 12th day of the month.
  • The employment shown is not seasonally-adjusted.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Employment Statistics, website query, February 21, 2018.

Supporting Information:

Transportation-related Employment, 2017

Employment CategoryEmployment (Thousands)Share
Motor vehicle and parts dealers - retail2,008.318.3%
Truck transportation (inclues drivers)1,453.513.3%
Gasoline stations - retail931.58.5%
Automotive repair and maintenance923.48.4%
Support activities for transportation690.16.3%
Couriers and messengers682.86.2%
Motor vehicle parts manufacturing586.35.4%
Air transportation492.74.5%
Transit & ground transportation491.54.5%
Aerospace products and parts manufacturing484.64.4%
Motor vehicles and parts - wholesale337.53.1%
Highway street and bridge construction324.73.0%
 - Travel arrangement and reservation services217.62.0%
 - Rail transportation215.02.0%
 - Automotive equipment rental and leasing214.42.0%
 - Auto and light truck manufacturing182.91.7%
 - Motor vehicle body and trialer manufacturing154.21.4%
 - Oil and gas pipeline construction137.31.3%
 - Ship & boat building136.71.2%
 - Water transportation65.20.6%
 - Railroad rolling stock & other transportation equipment mfg.57.90.5%
 - Tire manufacturing56.10.5%
 - Pipeline transportation48.30.4%
 - Scenic & sightseeing35.60.3%
 - Heavy-duty truck manufacturing29.10.3%
Total transportation-related employment10,957.2100.0%

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