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The 2017 Fuel Economy Guide by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy shows the estimated annual fuel cost ranges for each vehicle size class. For most size classes, there is a wide range of vehicle fuel costs for consumers to consider. Vehicles classified as standard SUVs had the widest range in annual fuel cost from a minimum of $700 to a maximum of $3,850 per year. Size classes with all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles available tend to have the widest range in annual fuel costs due to the large difference in efficiency between electric drivetrains and conventional drivetrains, and size classes with fewer vehicle models tend to have narrower ranges. The small pickup trucks class, which has only conventional drivetrains, had the narrowest fuel cost range with a difference of just $500 between the models with the lowest and highest annual fuel cost. Among all size classifications, the vehicle with the lowest annual fuel cost for the 2017 model year falls into the midsize cars class at only $500 per year (the Hyundai Ioniq Electric).

Annual Fuel Cost Ranges by Vehicle Size Class, MY 2017

Graph showing annual fuel cost ranges by vehicle size class for the model year 2017.

Note: Fuel cost assumptions were:

  • Vehicle driven 15,000 miles per year
  • 55% city driving, 45% highway driving
  • $2.33 per gallon for regular unleaded gasoline/ $2.82 per gallon for premium, $2.57 per gallon for diesel, and $0.13 per kilowatt-hour for electricity
  • Flex-fuel vehicles were assumed to use gasoline as their fuel

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Supporting Information

Annual Fuel Cost Ranges by Vehicle Size Class, MY 2017
Vehicle ClassMinimum Fuel CostMaximum Fuel Cost
Midsize Cars$500$3,250
Small Station Wagons$550$2,100
Subcompact Cars$550$2,800
Compact Cars$550$3,000
Large Cars$600$3,000
Minicompact Cars$600$3,250
Standard SUVs$700$3,850
Midsize Station Wagons$850$1,700
Small SUVs$1,050$2,350
Two Seaters$1,200$3,500
Small Pickup Trucks$1,550$2,050
Standard Pickup Trucks$1,600$2,600
Passenger Vans$2,200$2,900

Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy, 2017 Fuel Economy Guide, Accessed February 9, 2017.


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