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Outer rim simulation: Predicting matter distribution in a universe with billions of galaxies

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Santa Jansone-Popova: Chemistry by Design
Organic chemist Santa Jansone-Popova designs new chemical architectures to support chemical separations at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
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Hybrid Nanostructure Steps Up Light-Harvesting Efficiency
Scientists have assembled a nanohybrid structure that contains both biologically derived (biotic) and inorganic (abiotic) materials.
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Preparing Scientific Applications for Exascale Computing
Brookhaven Lab's Computational Science Initiative hosted a four-day coding workshop focusing on the latest version of OpenMP.
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A Precise Look at Alzheimer’s Proteins
PNNL scientist sifts for clues from more than 1,000 human brains.
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What if Dark Matter is Lighter? Report Calls for Small Experiments to Broaden the Hunt
Berkeley Lab and UC Berkeley scientists are already pursuing new experiments to probe for low-mass dark matter particles.
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Energy Department to Invest $32 Million in Computer Design of Materials
Researchers to take advantage of DOE’s advanced supercomputers.
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New Core-Shell Catalyst for Ethanol Fuel Cells
Scientists at DOE's Brookhaven National Laboratory have developed a highly efficient catalyst for extracting electrical energy from ethanol.
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Researchers Uncover a New Obstacle to Effective Accelerator Beams
Scientists at DOE's Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory have discovered a surprising new obstacle that reduces the neutralization of ion beam pulses.
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New Clues for Delaying, Preventing Type 1 Diabetes
PNNL team pinpoints changes that ease immune attack.
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Cleaning Cosmic Microwave Background Data to Measure Gravitational Lensing
NERSC facilitates development of new analysis filter to better map the invisible universe.
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University Research News

$100 million Commitment Launches Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering
Gift from Pritzker Foundation supports creation of nation’s first school dedicated to molecular engineering.
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Research Deepens Understanding of Gut Bacteria’s Connections to Human Health and Disease
Researchers at Oregon State University have made an important advance in understanding the roles that gut bacteria play in human health.
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Scientists Offer Designer 'Big Atoms' on Demand
In the not-so-distant future, researchers may be able to build atoms to your specifications with the click of a button.
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Most Detailed X-ray Image of Batteries Yet to Reveal Why They Still Aren't Good Enough
A multi-institute team of researchers has developed the most comprehensive view yet of lithium-ion battery electrodes.
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Princeton Researchers Discover Link Between Circadian Clock and Fat Metabolism
The enzyme Nocturnin, which governs daily tasks such as fat metabolism and energy usage, works in an entirely different way than previously thought.
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Nanoscale Sculpturing Leads to Unusual Packing of Nanocubes
Understanding this behavior is key to engineering new materials with specific desired properties.
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Study Probes the Powering of Contractions in Heart Failure
Findings at nanometer and millisecond scales may help improve design of therapies directed at motor proteins to rescue failing hearts.
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Altering How Cyanobacteria Capture Light from the Sun Can Impact their Health
Scientists have delved further into how cyanobacteria, one of the planet’s most abundant organisms, manage how they capture light to do photosynthesis
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Life in Evolution's Fast Lane
Scientists have discovered an ancient lineage of budding yeasts with a remarkably high load of mutations, showing lost cell cycle and DNA repair genes
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A Forest "Glow" Reveals Awakening From Hibernation
Researchers use fluorescence as a proxy to track photosynthesis.
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