The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s funding programs advance clean energy technologies to ensure an equitable transition to a decarbonized economy. Learn more about EERE’s mission and goals.

Open Funding, Prize, and Competition Opportunities

Below are the current open EERE funding opportunities. Visit EERE Exchange to see past opportunities. 

Technology Area Solicitation Title Open Date Close Date
Advanced Manufacturing

Lab-Embedded Entrepreneurship Program (LEEP)

Buildings Lighting Prize (L-Prize) 5/17/21 11/19/21
Crosscutting EERE Inclusive Energy Innovation Prize 9/30/21 2/25/22
Solar Solar Forecasting Prize 10/25/21 12/15/21
Solar Perovskite Startup Prize 10/22/21 1/7/22
Water - Marine Energy Marine and Hydrokinetic Graduate Student Research Program 10/18/21 12/10/21
Water - Hydropower Technology Innovation to Increase Hydropower Flexibility 9/30/21 1/21/22
Water - Hydropower Testing Capabilities and Facilities to Validate Hydropower Technology Innovations 8/24/21 12/7/21
Wind NOWRDC Innovation in Offshore Wind 2.0 8/19/21 11/10/21
Wind Enabling Coexistence Options for Wind Energy and Wildlife-Bat Behavior Research and Technology Advancement 9/29/21 12/8/21