The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) invests in research and development to lower the cost of clean energy technologies, protect the private sector from financial risk, and ensure an equitable transition to a decarbonized economy.

Funding is awarded through an open, competitive process hosted primarily on the EERE Funding Opportunity eXCHANGE. Project selections are merit-based with an emphasis on potential energy, environmental, and economic benefits.

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Funding, Prize, and Competition Opportunities

Below are the current open EERE funding opportunities. Visit EERE Exchange to see past opportunities. 

Technology AreaSolicitation TitleOpen DateClose Date
SolarSmall Innovative Projects in Solar: Concentrating Solar Power and Photovoltaics (SIPS: CSP & PV) – Annual1/17/20243/6/2024
Cross-officeSBIR/STTR FY24 Funding Opportunity - Phase I Release 2 - Full Applications1/18/20243/12/2024
Advanced Manufacturing and MaterialsRe-X Before Recycling11/27/20233/12/2024
Industrial Efficiency and DecarbonizationIndustrial Efficiency and Decarbonization Office Fiscal Year 2024 Cross-Sector Technologies FOA11/17/20233/20/2024
Advanced Manufacturing and MaterialsCritical Materials Accelerator11/22/20233/22/2024
Hydrogen and Fuel CellsHydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office FOA to Advance the National Clean Hydrogen Strategy12/15/20233/22/2024
WaterTechnical Assistance for Hydropower Hybrids and Pumped Storage Hydropower3/1/20244/1/2024
GeothermalCombined Wellbore Construction High Temperature Tools and Reservoir Thermal Energy Storage (RTES)1/30/20244/1/2024
VehiclesBipartisan Infrastructure Law FY23: Electric Drive Vehicle Battery Recycling and Second Life Applications12/18/20244/19/2024
WaterMarine Energy University Foundational R&D1/16/20244/22/2024
VehiclesFiscal Year 2024 VTO Technology Integration (TI) Funding Opportunity Announcement2/12/20244/30/2024
WaterStrategies to Increase Hydropower Flexibility - Full Applications11/16/20235/3/2024
Advanced Manufacturing and MaterialsPlatform Technologies for Transformative Battery Manufacturing1/23/20245/7/2024
BioenergyInflation Reduction Act Funding for Advanced Biofuels FOA2/22/20245/24/2024
Industrial Efficiency and DecarbonizationFY24 Energy and Emissions Intensive Industries FOA1/25/20246/11/2024
BioenergyRegional Resource Hubs for Purpose-Grown Energy Crops2/8/20246/13/2024
BuildingsAmerican-Made Building Envelope Innovation Prize - Secondary Glazing Systems2/13/20246/13/2024
WindAmerican-Made Wind Turbine Materials Recycling Prize - Phase 27/12/20237/12/2024
WaterPower at Sea Prize11/13/20237/26/2024


Funding by Topic