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The Water Power Technologies Office (WPTO) is advancing cutting-edge technology with research and a range of competitive opportunities to modernize the U.S. hydropower fleet and drive U.S. leadership in marine energy, with the goal of delivering low-cost, reliable power, and resiliency to the nation’s electricity grids.

Types of funding announcements include:

Current Water Power funding opportunities:

Technology AreaType of FundingSolicitation TitleOpen DateClose Date
Marine EnergyPrizeOcean Observing Prize  << Visit the competition website for more details.
Marine EnergyPrizeWaves to Water Prize << Visit the competition website for more details.
HydropowerPrizeFish Protection Prize  << Visit the competition website for more details.

For a complete list of announcements from across the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), including WPTO, see the EERE Exchange. To explore closed funding opportunities, please visit the Past Opportunities page.