The Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations (OCED) was established in December 2021 as part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to accelerate clean energy technologies from the lab to market and fill a critical innovation gap on the path to achieving our nation’s climate goals of net zero emissions by 2050.

OCED’s mission is to deliver clean energy demonstration projects at scale in partnership with the private sector to accelerate deployment, market adoption, and the equitable transition to a decarbonized energy system.

To achieve this mission, OCED has a clear mandate:

OCED is a multi-technology office with demonstrations that include clean hydrogen, carbon management, advanced nuclear reactors, long-duration energy storage, industrial decarbonization, demonstrations in rural areas and on current and former mine land, and more.

With a clear role in commercializing critical clean energy technologies, OCED fills the gap between the research, development, and early-stage demonstration projects including those within DOE technology offices and initial deployments supported by the private sector and/or other DOE programs, such as the Loan Programs Office.

OCED is currently hiring employees from all backgrounds across America to help tackle the climate crisis, create good-paying American jobs, support a just energy transition, and spur economic growth.

OCED Project Portfolio