The Grid Deployment Office (GDO) works to provide electricity to everyone, everywhere by maintaining and investing in critical generation facilities to ensure resource adequacy and improving and expanding transmission and distribution systems. Currently, the Office is focused on ensuring the resilience of critical power generation facilities like hydroelectric and nuclear facilities and developing high-capacity electric transmission lines nationwide. GDO’s work within the Transmission, Grid Modernization, and Power Generation Assistance Divisions will leverage unique authorities to drive transmission investment, improve resource adequacy by maintaining and investing in critical generation facilities, improve transmission and distribution system resilience, and provide access to technical assistance and national laboratory expertise, modeling, and analytical capabilities. 

Administering the Building a Better Grid Initiative, GDO works to modernize and upgrade the nation’s power sector, deploying cost-effective, cleaner, reliable, and more resilient electricity delivery technologies to Tribal, urban, and rural communities. With a strong commitment to collaboration, the office brings together community and industry stakeholders to identify national transmission and distribution needs. 


Maria Robinson
Director, Grid Deployment Office
Patricia A. Hoffman
Principal Deputy Director, Grid Deployment Office
Whitney Muse
Chief of Staff, Grid Deployment Office

Enhanced Transmission Planning

A successful transmission network requires deliberate planning, and a new and different approach. Learn more about DOE's transmission planning activities.

Federal Financing Tools

Learn how GDO has more options for financing and investment in grid resilience, grid modernization, and transmission deployment than ever before. 

Federal Collaboration

Developing a modern electric grid capable of meeting all electrification goals will be a holistic effort. Learn more about DOE’s commitment to ongoing collaboration.

Power Generation Assistance

Leveraging federal funding to maintain hydroelectric and nuclear facilities, the backbone of the nation’s clean power generation.


New Grid Deployment Office to Lead Bipartisan Infrastructure Law-Funded Hydroelectric Incentives
Industry Veteran Timothy Welch Tapped to Manage Hydroelectric Incentives Program, including EPAct Sections 242, 243, and 247
September 12, 2022
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Grid Deployment Office’s State and Tribal Formula Grid Resilience Grants Application Deadline Extended through March 31, 2023
The application period for the FY22 State and Tribal Formula Grid Resilience Grants program has been extended from September 30, 2022, to March 31, 2023.
September 12, 2022
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Biden-Harris Administration Launches $10.5 Billion Investment to Strengthen America’s Electric Grid
DOE Seeks Public Feedback on President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s Grid Resilience Innovation Programs that Enhance the Power Grid’s Ability to Deliver Cheaper, Cleaner Energy to American Communities
August 30, 2022
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Biden-Harris Administration Launches New Offices to Lower Energy Costs and Deploy Clean Power Nationwide
Two New DOE Offices Will Support the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s Investments to Modernize the Electric Grid, Help States, Communities, Tribes and Territories Build Out Clean Energy Infrastructure and Revitalize Economies
August 10, 2022
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