The DOE Office of Science issues many announcements each year to solicit research proposals from colleges and universities, non-profit and for-profit research organizations, DOE’s national laboratories, small businesses, and other federal research organizations.

The Office of Science issues two types of funding announcements:

  • Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs), which may be open to one or more institution types (please read the eligibility requirements in a given FOA for details); and
  • DOE National Laboratory Announcements, which are open only to DOE laboratories.

FOAs and DOE National Laboratory Announcements may be issued either as companion announcements—where one of each announcement type is issued in the same topical area—or as stand-alone opportunities. All proposals submitted in response to FOAs and DOE National Laboratory Announcements undergo merit review by subject matter, and awards are selected based on the outcome of merit review and other criteria described in the announcement, including availability of funding.

The Office of Science also issues a cross-cutting, open solicitation annually that is open year-round to receive proposals in research topic areas that span the Office of Science program areas. The Office of Science does not accept unsolicited proposals for financial assistance.

Open Funding Announcements (Please review the announcements carefully for eligibility)

Open Funding Opportunity Announcements for Financial Assistance
Please review the FOA carefully for eligibility
Open Laboratory Funding Announcements
Open to DOE National Laboratories