Special Announcement: DOE SC Accommodating Interruptions to Applicants-Awardees Due to COVID-19

The Office of Science’s (SC) mission is to deliver scientific discoveries and major scientific tools to transform our understanding of nature and advance the energy, economic and national security of the United States. SC is the nation’s largest federal sponsor of basic research in the physical sciences and the lead federal agency supporting fundamental scientific research for our nation’s energy future.  Over the decades, SC investments and accomplishments in basic research and enabling research capabilities have provided the foundations for new technologies, businesses, and industries, making significant contributions to our nation’s economy, national security, and quality of life.

The SC FY22 budget of $7.5B supports a portfolio of basic research, which includes grants and contracts supporting over 25,000 researchers, including students, located at over 300 institutions and all 17 DOE national laboratories. The budget also supports a suite of 28 open-access scientific user facilities that provide unmatched tools and capabilities to over 38,000 users each year from universities, national laboratories, industry, and international research partners. SC also continues to push the frontiers of science through the design and construction of new leading-edge research tools and facilities.

SC solicits proposals for research from the scientific community (colleges and universities, national laboratories, non-profit and for-profit organizations) through a number of funding opportunities that are announced each year. SC makes award selections based on expert peer review and publicly posts award information. The scientific discoveries and the impacts of SC funded research are highlighted on the SC News site. Likewise, scientific publications that result from SC-sponsored research are posted in a publically searchable database managed by the DOE Office of Scientific and Technology Information.