The Office of Communications and Public Affairs (OCPA) has several vehicles to update the public on the latest scientific outcomes of projects funded with support from the Office of Science. Each year, we post more than 2000 research news items as well as an equivalent number of Twitter messages. Our most recent items are featured on our home page. Here you will find searchable archives for Featured Articles, Science Headlines, Science Highlights, and University Research News. You may also search all these datasets simultaneously in our master news archive.

Featured Articles

Setting a Scientific Foundation for Critical Materials
DOE’s Office of Science is working to reduce the need for critical materials, recycle them, and expand domestic sources of them.
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Motion Detectors
Berkeley Lab-led earthquake simulators angle to use exascale computers to detail site-specific ground movement.
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Reinventing Microelectronics for the 21st Century
Microelectronics projects will support more powerful supercomputing, explore new materials, foster advanced computing architectures, and more.
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Nuh Gedik: Then and Now / 2011 Early Career Award Winner
Nuh Gedik studies the behavior of topological insulators - materials that behave as insulators within but let electrons flow on the surface.
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