April 16, 2021

Designing Selective Membranes for Batteries Using a Drug Discovery Toolbox

By binding specific ions in specially designed cages within its pores, a new membrane could enable more efficient flows in energy storage devices.

April 16, 2021

Argonne National Laboratory a Founding Partner in Nation's First Startup Accelerator Program Dedicated Exclusively to Quantum

Led by the University of Chicago, the program also includes the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and private-sector-led non-profit P33.

April 16, 2021

Ayman Eid: Gene Editing for All

Eid is developing gene-editing platforms that will allow scientists to modify the sugarcane genome – a technique for a new source of sustainable oil.

April 15, 2021

Dark Energy Survey Physicists Open New Window Into Dark Energy

For the first time, DES scientists can combine measurements of the distribution of matter, galaxies, and galaxy clusters.