The Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), a unit of the Office of Science, fulfills agency-wide responsibilities to collect, preserve, and disseminate scientific and technical information (STI) emanating from DOE research and development (R&D) activities. The Department has carried out this function since the 1940s and is legislatively mandated to do so, most recently in the Energy Policy Act of 2005, which reads:

“The Secretary, through the Office of Scientific and Technical Information, shall maintain within the Department publicly available collections of scientific and technical information resulting from research, development, demonstration, and commercial applications activities supported by the Department.”

OSTI also is responsible for providing public access to scholarly scientific publications resulting from DOE-funded research, and managing the collection of all DOE STI through the collaborative DOE Scientific and Technical Information Program (STIP).

The OSTI mission is to advance science and sustain technological creativity by making R&D findings available and useful to DOE researchers and the public. The links below access specific OSTI resources:

  • OSTI.GOV – The primary search tool for DOE science, technology, and engineering R&D results and the organizational hub for information about DOE OSTI.
  • DOE Public Access Gateway for Energy and Science (DOE PAGES) – The DOE discovery tool that makes peer-reviewed scholarly scientific publications resulting from DOE research funding publicly accessible to read, download, and analyze.
  • DOE Data Explorer – A search tool for finding DOE-funded, publicly available, scientific data submitted by data centers, repositories, and other organizations within the Department.
  • DOE CODE – A software services platform and search tool for DOE-funded code.
  • DOE Patents – A comprehensive search tool of patent information resulting from DOE-funded R&D.
  • DOE ScienceCinema – A search tool for multimedia scientific videos and audio files from DOE national laboratories, other DOE research facilities, and the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), using speech-recognition search technology.
  • – A search tool that canvases over 2,200 scientific websites and 60 scientific databases from 13 U.S. federal agencies for authoritative federal science information including R&D results.
  • – A global science gateway to many major national and international scientific databases and portals. 
  • SC e-journals (Office of Science access only) – A website that provides the Office of Science (SC) management and staff electronic access to the full text of key peer-reviewed scientific journals. Titles are of broad interest to DOE.


See OSTI.GOV for more information about search tools and services.


Contact Information

Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI)
U.S. Department of Energy
P.O. Box 62
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
P: (865) 576 - 1188
F: (865) 576 - 2865