The Department of Energy (DOE), like other federal agencies, uses various forms of financial assistance (grants and cooperative agreements) as a mechanism to award funds to organizations to accomplish DOE’s mission goals. The DOE Office of Science solicits applications for financial assistance through Funding Opportunity Announcements. The Office of Science makes financial assistance awards – primarily for the conduct of scientific research – to universities, non-profit organizations, small businesses, large businesses, and other Federal research agencies, in addition to funding competitive research at the DOE national laboratories. 

Applicants can find more information and instructions for preparing and submitting applications to our Funding Opportunity Announcements here.

The Office of Science subjects all applications to a merit review process by which subject matter experts evaluate the application against standard merit review criteria. The selection of applications for award are based on the findings of this technical evaluation, the importance and relevance of the proposed research to the Office of Science mission, and funding availability. More information about the Office of Science’s merit review system can be found here