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The work of the Quadrennial Technology Review 2015 is provided below, including links to the full report and to each of the individual chapters, links to the 51 technology assessments, and links to the 14 sets of Supplemental Information. Finally, a link to background information developed and released during the development of the QTR is provided at the bottom.

Report and Chapters Technology Assessments Supplemental Information
[PDF] Quadrennial Technology Review 2015
[PDF] Executive Summary
[PDF] Chapter 1 — Energy Challenges   Supplemental Information
[PDF] Chapter 2 — Energy Sectors and Systems    
[PDF] Chapter 3 — Enabling Modernization of the Electric Power System Technology Assessments  
[PDF] Chapter 4 — Advancing Clean Electric Power Technologies Technology Assessments  
[PDF] Chapter 5 — Increasing Efficiency of Buildings Systems and Technologies   Supplemental Information
[PDF] Chapter 6 — Innovating Clean Energy Technologies in Advanced Manufacturing Technology Assessments Supplemental Information
[PDF] Chapter 7 — Advancing Systems and Technologies to Produce Cleaner Fuels Technology Assessments Supplemental Information
[PDF] Chapter 8 — Advancing Clean Transportation and Vehicle Systems and Technologies Technology Assessments  
[PDF] Chapter 9 — Enabling Capabilities for Science and Energy   Supplemental Information
[PDF] Chapter 10 — Concepts in Integrated Analysis
[PDF] Chapter 11 — Summary and Conclusions
[PDF] Glossary
[PDF] Acronyms
[PDF] Authors, Contributors, Reviewers
Background information on the Quadrennial Technology Review 2015
Quadrennial Technology Review 2011


Technology Assessments

Chapter 3

[PDF] 3A Cyber and Physical Security
[PDF] 3B Designs, Architectures, and Concepts
[PDF] 3C Electric Energy Storage
[PDF] 3D Flexible and Distributed Energy Resources
[PDF] 3E Measurements, Communications, and Control
[PDF] 3F Transmission and Distribution Components

Chapter 4

[PDF] 4A Advanced Plant Technologies
[PDF] 4B Biopower
[PDF] 4C Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Value Added Options
[PDF] 4D Carbon Dioxide Capture for Natural Gas and Industrial Applications
[PDF] 4E Carbon Dioxide Capture Technologies
[PDF] 4F Carbon Dioxide Storage Technologies
[PDF] 4G Crosscutting Technologies in Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage
[PDF] 4H Fast-spectrum Reactors
[PDF] 4I Geothermal Power
[PDF] 4J High Temperature Reactors
[PDF] 4K Hybrid Nuclear-Renewable Energy Systems
[PDF] 4L Hydropower
[PDF] 4M Light Water Reactors
[PDF] 4N Marine and Hydrokinetic Power
[PDF] 4O Nuclear Fuel Cycles
[PDF] 4P Solar Power
[PDF] 4Q Stationary Fuel Cells
[PDF] 4R Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Brayton Cycle
[PDF] 4S Wind Power

Chapter 6

[PDF] 6A Additive Manufacturing
[PDF] 6B Advanced Materials Manufacturing
[PDF] 6C Advanced Sensors, Controls, Platforms, and Modeling for Manufacturing
[PDF] 6D Combined Heat and Power Systems
[PDF] 6E Composite Materials
[PDF] 6F Critical Materials
[PDF] 6G Direct Thermal Energy Conversion Materials, Devices, and Systems
[PDF] 6H Materials for Harsh Service Conditions
[PDF] 6I Process Heating
[PDF] 6J Process Intensification
[PDF] 6K Roll-to-Roll Processing
[PDF] 6L Sustainable Manufacturing - Flow of Materials through Industry
[PDF] 6M Waste Heat Recovery Systems
[PDF] 6N Wide Bandgap Semiconductors for Power Electronics

Chapter 7

[PDF] 7A Bioenergy Conversion
[PDF] 7B Biomass Feedstocks and Logistics
[PDF] 7C Gas Hydrates Research and Development
[PDF] 7D Hydrogen Production and Delivery
[PDF] 7E Natural Gas Delivery Infrastructure
[PDF] 7F Offshore Safety and Spill Prevention
[PDF] 7G Unconventional Oil and Gas

Chapter 8

[PDF] 8A Connected and Automated Vehicles
[PDF] 8B Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles
[PDF] 8C Internal Combustion Engines
[PDF] 8D Lightweight Automotive Materials
[PDF] 8E Plug-in Electric Vehicles

Supplemental Information

Chapter 1

[PDF] Additional Information on Energy Challenges
[PDF] Agency Information
[PDF] DOE Energy Technology Roadmaps & Basic Research Needs
[PDF] Representative DOE Applied Energy Program Workshops

Chapter 5

[PDF] Building Technologies Office Potential Energy Savings Analysis
[PDF] Building Energy Technology Roadmaps

Chapter 6

[PDF] Competitiveness Case Studies
[PDF] Public-Private Consortia and Technology Transition Case Studies

Chapter 7

[PDF] Oil and Gas Technologies
[PDF] Subsurface Science, Technology, and Engineering

Chapter 9

[PDF] A Comparison of Research Center Funding Modalities
[PDF] High-Performance Computing Capabilities and Allocations
[PDF] User Facility Statistics
[PDF] Examples and Case Studies

More Information


Background Information on the Quadrennial Technology Review 2015
Quadrennial Technology Review 2011