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ORNL, Tuskegee University Collaborate on Advanced Bioderived Materials Research
The partnership will work to develop new biodegradable materials for use in buildings, transportation and biomedical applications.
New Insights Into Proteins May Aid Cancer and Infertility Research
New insights into a gene most associated with breast cancer could explain how DNA is repaired following cell division.
ModSim 2021: The Future of Modeling and Simulation Gets a Nod from the Past
The virtual workshop brought together more than 70 modeling and simulation experts and practitioners who shared the latest trends and research.
Chloro-phylling in the Answers to Big Questions
A Q&A with Berkeley Laboratory researchers who are focused on revealing the fine details of photosynthesis.

University and Stakeholder News

MSU Grad Student Alex Ballow Wins DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship
Ballow is one of just 30 national recipients of a 2021 Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship.
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Deep Learning Dreams Up New Protein Structures
Researchers show that a neural network trained exclusively to predict protein shapes can also generate new ones.
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ODU Graduate Student's Research on Neutrinos Published in Nature
The research reveals that major updates to neutrino models are needed for the experiments to achieve high-precision results.
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Two Research Projects Involving SBU Faculty Receive DOE INCITE Awards
Through these awards, the research teams will be able to access the leadership-class supercomputers at DOE’s Argonne & Oak Ridge National Laboratories
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