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First Demonstration of a New Particle Beam Technology at Fermilab
Scientists at DOE's Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory have successfully used a new technique to cool a particle beam and make it denser.
Taming Tomorrow’s Wildfires
As wildfire season blazes on, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory researchers are fighting back with science.
Four (More) Things You Might Not Know About Antimatter
Antimatter is all around you, inside every one of your atoms, along with the atoms of everything around you.
Argonne's Polaris Supercomputer Deployed for Scientific Research
The supercomputer provides a platform for researchers to prepare codes and workloads for Argonne’s upcoming Aurora exascale supercomputer.

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Brendan Kochunas Wins DOE Distinguished Early Career Award
Kochunas’ research seeks to advance our understanding of the digital twins’ concept for nuclear engineering applications.
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Research Shows Oilseeds' Potential for Bioproduct Creation
UN-Lincoln biochemist Ed Cahoon and colleagues are researching vegetable oils with the potential to become environmentally friendly bioproducts.
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Nanoshell Catalysts Turn Greenhouse Gases Into Useful Chemicals
Two University of Buffalo-led studies show promise for dry reforming of methane, an industrial process that could slow the pace of climate change.
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Scientists Capture First-Ever View of a Hidden Quantum Phase in a 2D Crystal
Single-shot spectroscopy techniques provide researchers with a new understanding of a mysterious light-driven process.
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The Frontier supercomputer at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory earned the top ranking on May 30, 2022, as the world’s fastest on the 59th TOP500 list, with 1.1 exaflops of performance. The system is the first to achieve an unprecedented level of computing performance known as exascale, a threshold of a quintillion calculations per second.
Video courtesy of Oak Ridge National Laboratory