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Materials Matter: 75 Years of Research and Development at Ames National Laboratory
This is the first in a series of six total articles exploring materials science at Ames National Laboratory as part of a 75th anniversary celebration.
Q&A: Planning Climate-Smart Power Systems
An energy scientist and a climate scientist discuss how utilities can plan for a resilient electrical grid in the face of an uncertain climate future.
Future-Proofing the Great Lakes Region Through Climate Research: Improved Regional Climate Models Will Help the Great Lakes Region Become More Informed, Ready and Resilient
New climate models show small differences in lake surface temperatures have a big impact on summer climate, fueling extreme weather.
SRP Paves the Way for DOE Early Career Award
Tanzima Islam will develop a tool called INTELYTICS, incorporating machine learning techniques to analyze & utilize computing resources efficiently.

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UNLV Physicist's Modeling Theories Aimed at Discovering Materials for Future Tech
The $1.3 million grant from NSF and DOE will help UNLV physicist Qiang Zhu’s efforts to accelerate new materials.
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OU Receives $888,000 Grant to Study Arctic Clouds - Research Will Address Blind Spot in Cloud Microphysics
The grant will be used to explore how Arctic clouds form over time and to unlock secrets about the release of heat and radiation from the atmosphere.
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A Front Row Seat to Quantum Behavior
Adrian Del Maestro and colleagues have found a way to squeeze helium down to single-atom thickness to observe quantum mechanical behavior.
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UAlbany Scientists Hail Successful Startup of LUX-ZEPLIN
The design, manufacturing, and installation team of international scientists includes University at Albany’s Cecilia Levy and Matthew Szydagis.
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The Frontier supercomputer at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory earned the top ranking on May 30, 2022, as the world’s fastest on the 59th TOP500 list, with 1.1 exaflops of performance. The system is the first to achieve an unprecedented level of computing performance known as exascale, a threshold of a quintillion calculations per second.
Video courtesy of Oak Ridge National Laboratory