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Jie Xu Named One of America's Greatest Technology Disruptors
Argonne early career scientist recognized for the potentially transformative impact of her research on skin-like wearable electronics.
Polymer Upcycling of Common Plastic Adds Toughness, Recyclability to Structural Adhesives
Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory upcycled a common plastic to develop a novel reusable adhesive with exceptional strength and toughness.
Advancing Materials Science With the Help of Biology and a Dash of Dish Soap
High-speed X-ray free-electron lasers have unlocked the crystal structures of small molecules relevant to chemistry and materials science.
National Labs Support Safe Nuclear Waste Disposal by Studying Safety Material for Underground Sites
International nuclear waste disposal research effort evaluates maximum allowable temperature for buffer material.

University and Stakeholder News

New WVU Bioenergy Model Provides Reduced-Carbon Renewable Energy Source
New model will help farmers better manage production while also boosting a renewable energy source that will not increase atmospheric carbon dioxide.
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Nanostructures Get Complex WIth Electron Equivalents
Complex crystals that mimic metals can be achieved with a new approach to guiding nanoparticle self-assembly.
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Dark Energy Survey Verifies Supervoid
Data from the Dark Energy Survey were used to create a map of dark matter in the region of sky that contains the Eridanus supervoid and CMB Cold Spot.
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Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument Creates Largest 3D Map of the Cosmos
The instrument has smashed previous records for 3D galaxy surveys, yet it’s only about 10% of the way through its five-year mission.
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