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Physicists Achieve Significant Improvement in Spotting Accelerator-produced Neutrinos in a Cosmic Haystack
Image reconstruction and algorithms developed for MicroBooNE detector filter out cosmic ray tracks to pinpoint elusive neutrino interactions.
Cabling for Large Hadron Collider Upgrade Project Reaches Halfway Mark
This upgrade, now in progress, will greatly increase the facility’s collision rate and its scientific productivity.
Research Challenges Theory on Polyphenol’s Role in Carbon Sequestration
The findings demonstrate the importance of clarifying the interactions between soil microbiota and polyphenols and soil carbon sequestration.
Laser-Focused on Supercooled Water
New infrared technique for analyzing supercooled water opens doors to explore other fluid behaviors.

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Flexible, Easy-to-Scale Nanoribbons Move Graphene Toward Use in Tech Applications
UW-Madison researchers fabricated graphene into the smallest ribbon structures to date using a method that makes scaling-up simple.
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MU Graduate Student Selected to Conduct Nuclear Energy Research at a National Lab
Alexander Gremillion was chosen to conduct research at the Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory.
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PhD Student Jordan Finzel Receives Prestigious DOE Fellowship
Finzel will work with Simon Bare’s group at the SLAC National Accelerator Lab in Menlo Park, California.
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Nanoscale Defects Could Boost Energy Storage Materials
A Cornell-led collaboration used X-ray nanoimaging to gain an unprecedented view into solid-state electrolytes.
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Oak Ridge National Laboratory is creating probiotics for plants that improve crop yields and boost plants’ resilience to stress. Called SAFE or Symbionts Application for Food and Energy, this microbial mixture is an effective and ecofriendly biofertilizer for bioenergy and food crops.
Video courtesy of Oak Ridge National Laboratory