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Firing Up Quantum Fidelity
Researchers used Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Quantum Computing User Program to achieve major improvements in quantum fidelity.
APS Upgrade Components Pass Their First Cold Tests
Prototypes of new superconducting magnets for the upgraded APS were successfully lowered to their operating temperatures, far below zero.
Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) Creates Largest 3D Map of the Cosmos
DESI has smashed through all records for 3D galaxy surveys, creating the largest, most detailed map ever, 10% of the way into its five-year mission.
DOE Announces $420 Million to Advance Clean Energy Breakthroughs at Energy Research Centers Across America
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced a $420 million funding opportunity for DOE’s Energy Frontier Research Centers (EFRC).

University and Stakeholder News

CSU Ecologists Launch Study on Droughts, Deluges and Carbon Cycles in Grasslands
The researchers will assess how co-occurring droughts and deluges will impact carbon cycling across the vast grasslands of the continental U.S.
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Opening Doors to Discovery and Opportunity
In early 2022, Michigan State University will open the doors to the facility and welcome scientists from around the globe to study rare isotopes.
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Semiconductor Demonstrates Elusive Quantum Physics Model
The researchers paired MoTe2 with WSe2, twisted them at a 180-degree angle, applied voltage, and observed a quantum anomalous Hall effect.
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In-Fridge Controller Could Scale Up Quantum Computers, Award-Winning UChicago Research Finds
The team demonstrated low-error two-qubit operations using Superconducting Single Flux Quantum pulses, voltage signals generated inside the fridge.
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