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Managing Water Resources in a Low-to-No-Snow Future
A new Berkeley Lab study analyzes when a low-to-no-snow future might arrive and implications for water management.
UEC Profile: Youtong Zheng Models Complex Marine Clouds
The prolific researcher has investigated how clouds grow from parcels of air and rise fast to shade the world.
Argonne-led Research Team Highlighted in Special Issue on Quantum Systems
Researchers set guidelines for a class of materials that is quickly emerging as an important player in quantum science: crystals with defects.
Computational Discovery of Complex Alloys Could Speed the Way to Green Aviation
Researchers have identified the source of and the way to tune the strength and ductility of a class of materials called high-entropy alloys.

University and Stakeholder News

Physicists Describe Photons' Characteristics Inherent to Protecting Future Quantum Computing
Researchers studied the properties of photons emitted from solids & can now predict the color sharpness for possible use in securing communications.
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Penn State-led Team Awarded $17M to Study Climate Risk and Adaptation Strategies
A team will investigate how interconnected systems are exposed to natural hazards that create risks for society & how societies respond to the risks.
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UC Davis Leads $3.7M Multicampus Grant to Stem Shortage of Instrumental Physicists
DOE has awarded $3.7 million to a consortium led by UC Davis, to train 32 graduate students in high energy physics instrumentation.
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Reyes Receives Joint Appointment at Brookhaven National Laboratory
Kristofer Reyes, an assistant professor at the University of Buffalo, is part of Brookhaven’s newest directorate, the Computational Science Initiative
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