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Scientists from the SQMS Center, Jefferson Lab and University of Waterloo Receive Quantum Horizon Funding Award
The awarded proposal seeks to understand and mitigate the loss of quantum information in quantum systems by a phenomenon called decoherence.
Brookhaven's Triveni Rao Selected for Prestigious Fellowship by India's Ministry of Science and Technology
Rao, a senior physicist at DOE's Brookhaven National Laboratory, has been selected for the Visiting Advance Joint Research (VAJRA) Faculty Fellowship.
Hernandez-Garcia Honored for Kindling Curiosity and Passion for Physics
Jefferson Lab physicist and mentor Carlos Hernandez-Garcia receives an inaugural award named in his honor.
Metal Alloys to Support Nuclear Fusion Energy
Research at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory reveal the source of strength in tungsten heavy alloys.

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U of A Graduate Students Attend Argonne National Laboratory Resource Training Workshop
The workshop was a system designed to support work on bacterial and viral infectious diseases by integrating pathogen information and analysis tools.
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Lydic, Bolmatov Co-Authors of New Biomembrane Research
Ralph Lydic & Dmitry Bolmatov are part of a UT/ORNL team studying how bio-inspired materials might inform the design of next-generation computers.
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Houston Metro Area Serves as Lab to Study Impact of Urban Pollution on Thunderstorm Activity
The grant enables researchers to conduct measurements in Houston to tie into an overarching, multi-institution, multi-agency research project.
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From Colleagues to Collaborators, a Cross-Department Conversation Links Statistics to Plant Science
The two assistant professors worked together on finding a new statistical framework that can accurately estimate the parameters in biological models.
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As another atmospheric river impacts California on January 4th and 5th -- with more rain forecast after that -- Michael Wehner, a senior scientist in the Computational Research Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, discusses how climate change is increasing the rainfall from these drenching storms and how people can better prepare. Wehner uses observational data and advanced computer modeling to understand the behavior of extreme weather events in a changing climate, especially heat waves, intense precipitation, drought, and tropical cyclones.
Video courtesy of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory