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Game-Changing Rare-Earth Elements Separation Technology Licensed to Marshallton
The technology provides insight into how to cost-effectively separate in-demand rare-earth elements
Particle Accelerator Magnet Sets Record Using High-Temperature Superconductor
A small team of physicists have demonstrated the world’s fastest magnetic ramping rates for particle accelerator magnets.
Clouds, Aerosols, and Air Quality in the Coastal Urban Environment
DOE's TRACER campaign was featured at American Geophysical Union (AGU) 2021 fall meeting.
Researchers Use AI to Optimize Several Flow Battery Properties Simultaneously
Scientists at Argonne National Laboratory seek stable, high-energy batteries designed for the electric grid.

University and Stakeholder News

Researchers Team with Industry Partners to Improve Tech Connecting Renewable Energy to Power Grids
A grant from the Department of Energy fuels the search for more efficient transfer of generated electricity.
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Getting Quantum Dots to Stop Blinking
New approach solves a persistent problem of intermittency that has hindered use of the tiny light emitters for biological imaging or quantum photonics
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Vanderbilt Astronomer Co-Authors Seminal Roadmap for the Next Decade of U.S. Research in Outer Space
Keivan Stassun is a Stevenson Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Vanderbilt University.
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Refuting A 70-year Approach To Predicting Material Microstructure
A 70-year-old model used to predict the microstructure of materials doesn't work, according to Carnegie Mellon University researchers in Science.
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