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Science Headlines

Quantum X-ray Microscope Underway at Brookhaven Lab
Researchers at the National Synchrotron Light Source II will use the quantum properties of X-rays to "ghost image" biomolecules.
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Advanced Photon Source at the Heart of COVID-19 Research
Argonne scientists, working as part of a national consortium, have greatly increased our knowledge of the virus that causes COVID-19.
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For Plants, Endophytes Promote Phosphorus Uptake
Recent study reveals molecular evidence for how endophytes assist plant growth.
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Distinct ACM Gordon Bell Prizes Awarded to Two Teams Using the Summit Supercomputer
Separate teams running on Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Summit are taking home the two Gordon Bell Prize awards this year.
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Contract Awarded for the Excavation of Gigantic Caverns for the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment
This month, Thyssen Mining Inc. was awarded the contract to excavate the gigantic caverns for Fermilab’s Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility.
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Like a Leaf – New Ways to Capture Carbon From the Air
Argonne and SLAC researchers will explore a molecular photoreactor that captures CO₂ and converts it to fuels and useful chemicals.
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X-Ray Study Explores Potential of Hepatitis C Drugs to Treat COVID-19
Experiments show existing drugs used to treat hepatitis C may have potential to treat COVID-19 by stopping the “heart” of the virus.
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The Many Paths of Muon Math
Here’s how physicists calculate g-2, the value that will determine whether the muon is giving us a sign of new physics.
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A Bridge to the Quantum Revolution
PNNL and Microsoft Quantum partner to link quantum circuits to powerful government supercomputers.
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INCITE Program Awards Supercomputing Time to 51 Computational Research Projects
The projects will support a broad range of large-scale research campaigns to pursue transformational advances in science and engineering.
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University and Stakeholder News

New Brain Cell-Like Nanodevices Work Together to Identify Mutations in Viruses
Scientists from Texas A&M U, Hewlett Packard Labs & Stanford University have described a new nanodevice that acts almost identically to a brain cell.
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OU-Led Study Expands Understanding of Ecological Factors Driving Microbial Community Assembly in Response to Warming
Researchers at OU lead a study that aims to better understand ecological community assembly mechanisms in response to climate warming.
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Scientists Invent Faster, Cheaper Strategy for Designing Infrared-Emitting Materials
New technique, developed at Northwestern University, co-crystallizes different molecules to make two-photon excited near-infrared materials.
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Mining Molecular Data with Cryo-EM Unveils Hidden Biological Secrets
Researchers at the Biodesign Center for Applied Structural Discovery and Arizona State U have taken a new approach to studying molecules of life.
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UW Faculty Members Lead Research on Phase Behavior of Fluids Confined in Nanoporous Media
The phase behavior of nanoconfined pure fluids & fluid mixtures are crucial for recovery mechanisms in ultratight shale oil reservoirs.
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Caltech and UCLA Researchers Discover Effective Pathway to Convert Greenhouse Gas into Valuable Products
A research team from Caltech & UCLA's Samueli School of Engineering demonstrated a promising way to efficiently convert carbon dioxide into ethylene.
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Elected Officials, President McInnis Mark Launch of BNL Collider Project
The event was an opportunity for in-person and virtual speakers to voice their support for this one-of-a-kind nuclear physics research facility.
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New Design Principles for Spin-based Quantum Materials
Criteria for designing targeted quantum materials could support Internet of Things devices and other resource-intensive technologies.
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Flipping Light On-Off Turns Bacteria Into Chemical Factories
Researchers have invented a method for using light to turn on and off a mechanism in E. coli bacteria that is key to producing valuable chemicals.
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New Estimates for the Rise in Sea Levels Due to Ice Sheet Mass Loss Under Future Climate Change
A team of researchers have calculated new estimates for the melting of Earth’s ice sheets due to greenhouse gas emissions and its impact on sea levels
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