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Interns Boost Careers at PNNL
At PNNL, interns embark on an experience unlike anywhere else in the world while also developing a sense of identity and belonging in STEM.
Ultrasound for Battery Health
Scientists at Oak Ridge National Lab are using ultrasounds — usually associated with medical imaging — to check the health of an operating battery.
Recycling Plastic One Carbon at a Time
A team of scientists from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab & UC Berkeley has has devised a new technique for recycling polyethylene or propane gas.
In the Face of Drought, Hydropower Still Delivers Electricity
The persistent drought has policymakers and system planners concerned about the reliability of the electric grid under worsening drought conditions.

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UC Berkeley, Berkeley Lab Researchers Receive $11.6 Million in Department of Energy Funding
The funding will be used to develop new technologies to engineer plants and microbes into bioenergy feedstocks and improve carbon storage.
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Interwoven: Charge and Magnetism Intertwine in Kagome Material
Researchers studied pure iron-germanium crystals and discovered standing waves of fluid electrons appeared when the crystals were cooled.
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Understanding Growth Regulation by Protein Degradation in Trees for Bioenergy
The U.S. Department of Energy is funding a project at UC Davis to study the function of genes that regulate growth and wood formation in poplar trees.
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Scholars to Learn How Climate Change Will Affect Future Flooding Patterns and Gulf Coast Communities
This knowledge is critical to community leaders and planners, to make strategic decisions to deal with these changes over the next several decades.
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The Frontier supercomputer at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory earned the top ranking on May 30, 2022, as the world’s fastest on the 59th TOP500 list, with 1.1 exaflops of performance. The system is the first to achieve an unprecedented level of computing performance known as exascale, a threshold of a quintillion calculations per second.
Video courtesy of Oak Ridge National Laboratory