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Aditya Sood Receives 2021 LCLS Young Investigator Award for Work at Intersection of Materials Science and Ultrafast Physics
The early career award honors Sood for his research and leadership using the LCLS user facility at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.
8 Ways Argonne Advances Hydrogen as a Clean Energy Resource
Hydrogen has become an attractive form of renewable energy for fuel that could play a significant role in combatting the climate crisis.
The Road to Exascale
The effort to attain the next thousand-fold increase in compute power encompasses multiple agencies, committees, labs, companies, and lucky choices.
Rule-Following Molecules Provide the First Direct Confirmation of a Half-Century-Old Theory
New results could lead to a better understanding of reactions with vital roles in chemistry and biology.

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Synthetic Biology Moves Into the Realm of the Unnatural
The researchers engineered a microbe that can make a molecule that, until now, could only be synthesized in a laboratory.
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Study Sheds Light on Photosynthesis in Iron-Low Leaves
Researchers at Dartmouth U have identified how iron-deficient plants optimize photosynthesis to protect themselves from absorbing too much light.
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FAU Receives U.S. DOE Exploratory Grant for Novel Radar Prototype
A ground-penetrating radar prototype mounted on a small aircraft system will identify hot spots and moments for biogenic gas accumulation and release.
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Haliczer One of 65 Graduate Students Nationwide to Earn DOE Program Fellowship
David Haliczer is a third-year doctoral student in atmospheric science at The University of Alabama in Huntsville.
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