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Exotic Element, Californium, Explored in Detail
New work led by Los Alamos National Laboratory reports the first structural characterization of californium-carbon bonding in a molecule.
Kevin Brown Named Argonne’s First Walter Massey Fellow
Computer scientist awarded fellowship for impressive science and work promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.
Darwin on Fast Foward: ORNL Study on COVID-19 Earns Gordon Bell Special Prize Nomination
Scientists used the nation's fastest supercomputer to teach an algorithm the language of molecules to search for COVID-19 treatments.
By Keeping Ferroelectric 'Bubbles' Intact, Researchers Pave Way for New Devices
Special ferroelectric features offer promise for microelectronics and energy applications.

University and Stakeholder News

$3.6 Million DOE Grant to Support Direct Air Carbon Capture Research
A team led by Washington State U has received a $3.6 million grant on how to capture carbon dioxide out of the air to mitigate climate change.
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MicroBooNE's New Findings Provide Clues on Longtime Mystery in Neutrino Physics
Collaborators used cutting-edge technology to record spectacularly precise 3D images of neutrino events to examine particle interactions in detail.
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A Diamond in the Rough: Researchers Identify New Mineral in Precious Stone's Flaws
The davemaoite grains discovery enabled chemical measurements of a mineral that is the main host of many important trace elements in the deep Earth.
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How the Secret World of Soil Microbes Helps Keep Carbon in the Ground
An international collaboration led by UMass Amherst probes the links between microbes, healthy soil and carbon.
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