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Successful Tests Pave the Way for Fermilab's Next-Generation Particle Accelerator
This spring, amidst the pandemic, testing wrapped up at the PIP-II Injector Test Facility or PIP2IT, a culmination of over eight years of work.
Scientists Discover How High-Energy Electrons Strengthen Magnetic Fields
The research could lead to a better understanding of extreme astrophysical environments and the development of compact high-energy radiation sources.
Browning Leaves on Oak Ridge Reservation Harbinger of Next Cicada Generation
This natural occurrence - flagging - comes from the Brood X cicadas emerging after 17 years in the ground and depositing eggs in a tree stem.
Science With Teeth: Researchers Use X-Rays to Find Rare Mineral in Mollusk Tooth
Scientists have created a new ink for 3D printing of durable materials, including prosthetics and space travel devices from a rare mineral.

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New Study Reveals Higher-than-Expected Deposition of Toxic Mercury in Forests
Groundbreaking UMass Lowell-led research sheds light on forests’ role in transferring the atmospheric pollutant to the environment.
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Ceramic Layering Can Produce Better Radiation-Resistant Materials
The team created a layered system using Ti3SiC2, then used radiofrequency magnetron sputtering to add layers of silicon carbide and titanium carbide.
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Indara Suarez Receives DOE Early Career Award
Professor Indara Suarez of BU’s Physics Department has just received a five-year, $750,000 Early Career Award from the Department of Energy.
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'Surfing' Particles: Physicists Solve a Mystery Surrounding Aurora Borealis
Experiments at UCLA’s Basic Plasma Science Facility confirm interaction of electrons and Alfvén waves.
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A beam of particles is a very useful tool. The Department of Energy’s Fermilab is a world leader in particle accelerator science and technology. Listen to Sam Posen from Fermilab describe how the Department of Energy's Office of Science supports cutting-edge research and development in particle accelerator technology.
Video courtesy of Fermilab