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DOE CSGF Chooses a Record 32 New Fellows for 2021-22
A record-setting class of 32 fellows will join the Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship (DOE CSGF) this fall.
Better Modeling Through SciDAC
An interdisciplinary collaboration of atmospheric scientists and mathematicians is identifying previously overlooked errors in atmospheric models.
How COVID-19 Wreaks Havoc on Human Lungs
New structure shows how virus envelope protein hijacks cell-junction protein and promotes viral spread.
DOE Honors Two Early Career Lab Scientists
Two scientists from Lawrence Livermore National Lab are recipients of the 2021 DOE's Office of Science Early Career Research Program award.

University and Stakeholder News

Department of Energy Honors ‘Highly Brilliant’ Chemistry Grad Student
Grayson Johnson will expand on his University of Virginia work on nanomaterials at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee.
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Search for 'Dark Energy' Could Illuminate Origin, Evolution, Fate of Universe
The HETDEX experiment focuses on sound waves from the big bang, to measure the redshift, calculate distances, and produce a 3D map of galaxies.
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Nicholas Garcia Awarded a DoE Office of Science Graduate Research Award
Nicholas Garcia, a third-year Ph.D. candidate in the lab of Prof. Connie Lu, has been awarded a Department of Energy SCGSR Award.
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Neural Nets Used to Rethink Material Design
Rice University lab’s new strategy puts evolution of microscopic structures on fast track.
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Oak Ridge National Laboratory is creating probiotics for plants that improve crop yields and boost plants’ resilience to stress. Called SAFE or Symbionts Application for Food and Energy, this microbial mixture is an effective and ecofriendly biofertilizer for bioenergy and food crops.
Video courtesy of Oak Ridge National Laboratory