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Five Berkeley Lab Scientists Receive Prestigious Five-Year Research Grant
Five scientists at Berkeley Lab have been selected by DOE's Office of Science to receive funding through the Early Career Research Program.
Two Los Alamos Scientists Earn DOE Early Career Awards
Miles Beaux and Matt Durham are among 83 scientists recognized for innovative physics research.
Clean Water for All
Researchers discovered a way to use graphene oxide - a porous carbon-based honeycomb structure - to remove toxic metal ions from water.
Argonne Scientists Collaborate to Create First Model of Entire Nuclear Reactor at Unprecedented Resolution
Scientists have collaborated to develop a new computer model that allows for the visualization of a full reactor core at unprecedented resolution.

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Icebreaker's Cyclone Encounter Reveals Faster Sea Ice Decline
For the first time ever, scientists were able to see exactly what happens to the ocean and sea ice when a cyclone hits.
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Move Over CRISPR, the Retrons Are Coming
New gene editing technique enables millions of genetic experiments to be performed simultaneously.
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University of Pittsburgh PhD Student Awarded Research Opportunity at Fermi Lab
Logan Rice is among 78 outstanding U.S. graduate students from 55 different U.S. universities selected to conduct research at 14 DOE national labs.
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COVID-19 Peaks Reflect Time-Dependent Social Activity, Not Herd Immunity
Scientists at Brookhaven Lab & UIUC have developed a new mathematical model for predicting how epidemics such as COVID-19 spread.
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Oak Ridge National Laboratory is creating probiotics for plants that improve crop yields and boost plants’ resilience to stress. Called SAFE or Symbionts Application for Food and Energy, this microbial mixture is an effective and ecofriendly biofertilizer for bioenergy and food crops.
Video courtesy of Oak Ridge National Laboratory