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Argonne Invites Local Hispanic and Latino Students to Imagine Future Careers in Science
Argonne’s Hispanic & Latino employee resource group is proud to host Education Outreach Day & inspire greater diversity & engagement in national labs.
Scientists Measure Calcium's Thin Skin
A precision measurement of the neutron skin in a calcium nucleus surprisingly reveals a thinner skin than expected from a similar measurement in lead.
Why Skyrmions Could Have A Lot in Common With Glass and High-Temperature Superconductors
Spawned by the spins of electrons in magnetic materials, these tiny whirlpools behave like independent particles & could be the future of computing.
The Advanced Quantum Testbed Propels Quantum Information Technologies And Talent
David Iván Santiago is the technical lead at the Berkeley lab testbed and leads the Quantum Information Science and Technology group.

University and Stakeholder News

NYU Chemist Receives Department of Energy Grant for Plastic “Upcycling” Research
NYU chemist Tianning Diao and her lab will work to develop chemical methods to repurpose the polymer as new functional materials.
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Roell Selected for DOE Research Program
PhD student Garrett Roell will be conducting research at Berkeley Lab as part of a cohort of the Office of Science Graduate Student Research program.
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DOE-funded Research Project to Efficiently Reduce Massive Scientific Data
The project will allow researchers to more efficiently process the data needed to accomplish their scientific goals.
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Chao Selected for DOE's Graduate Student Research Program
Paul Chao, a member of Ashwin Shahani's group, will spend 2022 conducting research at Brookhaven National Laboratory.
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