The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable (EERE) has custom templates and specific examples to plan, conduct, and report on usability and analysis activities for EERE websites and applications. These templates are examples of forms to use, but you are not required to use them.

For more information on the usability techniques associated with these templates, see EERE's Usability and Analysis Techniques Guidebook.

Measurable Goals


Statistics and Search Log Analysis

Interviews and Focus Groups

Click Analysis (Using Crazy Egg)

Customer Profiles and Personas

Usability Reviews

  • Usability review (template) – Suggested guidelines to use in evaluating EERE sites and a template for collecting your findings and reporting your results

Usability Testing

Planning Your Test
  • Test planning spreadsheet – Core planning document, used to keep track of research questions, user tasks, business goals, scenarios, and pre/post test questions. Includes examples of typical pre- and post-test questions.
  • Process and materials list – Comprehensive list of the steps and materials typically used in usability testing studies; can be modified as necessary to help you keep track of the process and materials for your particular study.
Recruiting Participants
Preparing Test Materials
Analysis and Reporting

Card Sorting

Tree Testing