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EVMS Training Snippets

The following video snippets provide Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS) training.

Continuous Learning Points (CLPs)

Reviewing one hour of snippets will equate to one CLP.  To receive credit, FPD’s can submit a CLP Request under the PMCDP menu in their ESS account.  All others may send an email (indicating the Snippets viewed) through their respective supervisor to to receive a certificate with the appropriate CLPs awarded.


OrderEVM TopicTutorial NameLength
1.1DOE ReviewsDOE Order 413.3B EVM Requirements14:47
1.2DOE ReviewsDOE EVMS Review Approach18:33
1.3DOE ReviewsEVMS Stage 1 Surveillance10:52
1.4DOE ReviewsEVMS Stage 2 Surveillance9:43
1.5DOE ReviewsEVMS Stage 3 Surveillance10:13
1.6DOE ReviewsDOE EVMS Review for Cause12:24
1.7DOE ReviewsDOE EVMS Certification27:45
1.8DOE ReviewsDOE Common EVMS Findings13:38
2.1CPR/IPMRContract Performance Report (CPR) / Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR): Purpose & Uses17:14
2.2CPR/IPMRCPR/IPMR: FPD Quick Check10:23
2.3CPR/IPMRIPMR Data Item Description19:58
2.4CPR/IPMRContract Funds Status Report (CFSR) Overview & Reconciliation with IPMR/CPR18:45
3.1AScheduleIntegrated Master Schedule (IMS) Initial Baseline Review27:54
3.1BScheduleIntegrated Master Schedule (IMS) Monthly Review28:57
3.2ScheduleSchedule Health Metrics21:52
3.3ScheduleSchedule Guidance & Resources3:17
4.1Advanced TopicsOver Target Baseline (OTB) and Over Target Schedule (OTS) Implantations26:10
4.2Advanced TopicsIntegrated Baseline Review (IBR) Process25:11
4.3Advanced TopicsManagement Reserve Versus Contingency and Budget Versus Funds34:06
4.4Advanced TopicsUndistributed Budget11:58
4.5Advanced TopicsAuthorized Unpriced Work18:54
4.6Advanced TopicsBaseline Control Methods15:55
4.7Advanced TopicsFFP Subcontracting and Prime EVM14:21
4.8Advanced TopicsControl Account Manager's Roles and Responsibilities10:17
4.9Advanced TopicsHigh-level EVM Expectations26:19
5.1PARSPARS EVMS Reports Overview3:19
5.2PARSPARS Analysis: Data Validity Reports16:27
5.3PARSPARS Analysis: Schedule Health Assessment17:46
5.4PARSPARS Analysis: Variance Reports9:21
5.5PARSPARS Analysis: Trend Reports25:13
5.6PARSPARS Analysis: EAC Reasonableness & IEAC Development22:24
5.7PARSPARS Analysis: PM Red Yellow Report14:16
6.1Predictive AnalysisPredictive Analysis31:32
6.2Predictive AnalysisApplied Predictive Analysis11:05