EVMS Training Snippets

The following video snippets provide Earned Value Management System (EVMS) training.

Continuous Learning Points (CLPs)

Reviewing one hour of snippets will equate to one CLP. To receive credit, FPDs can submit a CLP request under the PMCDP menu in their ESS account. All others may send an email (indicating the snippets viewed) through their respective supervisor to sigmond.ceaser@hq.doe.gov to receive a certificate with the appropriate CLPs awarded.


The Office of Project Management is in the process of updating the EVMS training snippets provided below. The Updated Snippets table currently contains 17 of the updated snippets, with additional updated snippets to be posted in the coming months. The Original Snippets table will remain available until the remaining updated snippets have been posted.

Updated Snippets:

OrderEVM TopicEVM Tutorial VideoLengthPowerPoint Slides
1-1OverarchingDOE O 413.3 EVM Requirements20:51download
1-2OverarchingDOE EVMS Compliance Approach17:56download
1-3OverarchingDOE EVMS Certification23:43download
1-5AOverarchingWhy Implement an Over Target Baseline (OTB) / Over Target Schedule (OTS)14:54download
1-5BOverarchingHow to Implement an Over Target Baseline (OTB) / Over Target Schedule (OTS)18:21download
1-12OverarchingEVMS Procedural Processes and Flow (Description, Storyboard, and Cross Reference Compliance Matrix)10:00download
3-1Planning, Scheduling & BudgetingBudget vs Funds and the Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB)11:36download
3-2Planning, Scheduling & BudgetingEarned Value Techniques and Quantifiable Backup Data15:04download
3-3Planning, Scheduling & BudgetingTop Down Event Driven Integrated Master Plan12:24download
3-9Planning, Scheduling & BudgetingSchedule Risk Assessment (SRA)12:59download
3-10Planning, Scheduling & BudgetingUndistributed Budget14:32download
5-1Analysis & Mgmt ReportsPeriodic and Comprehensive Estimate at Completion (EAC)10:36download
6-1RevisionsBaseline Freeze Period10:07download
6-2RevisionsAuthorized Unpriced Work18:50download
6-3ARevisionsConcepts of Management Reserve (MR) vs Contingency15:58download
6-3BRevisionsManagement Reserve (MR) vs Contingency Scenarios21:42download