Facility and Fleet Optimization

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The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) coordinates processes to integrate mission assurance with optimized and cost-effective facility and fleet operations.

FEMP provides energy and water management tools, technical services and operational handbooks, advanced facility auditing and commissioning guidance, and product and project procurement assistance to help agencies meet federal legislation and mandates and ensure mission readiness and assurance.

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Optimized Design

Find guidance and resources related to optimizing design inside and outside of federal buildings.

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Develop operations and maintenance plans that ensure systems and equipment are reliable, safe, and energy efficient.

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Get guidance and assistance on how to reduce petroleum consumption and increase alternative fuel use to meet federal legislation and mandates.

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Learn about products and technologies that meet federal laws and requirements.

Key Resources

The Re-tuning Challenge provides select federal agencies with the opportunity to enhance their energy management programs.
Provides guidance for implementing and maintaining an energy management system in conformance with the ISO 50001 Energy Management System Standard.
Feature strategies for achieving net zero energy, water, and waste in federal buildings and campuses.
Guidance to help agencies comply with the Guiding Principles for Sustainable Federal Buildings.
Fourteen best management practices that increase water efficiency to help meet federal requirements.
Excel-based tool enables federal agencies to quickly screen sites for water-efficiency opportunities.
Maps help federal agencies strategically plan where to implement alternative water projects.
Software analyzes the relative cost effectiveness of alternative buildings and building systems.
Guide outlines best practices to help federal agencies implement effective O&M for systems and equipment found at their facilities.
Guidance defines federal buildings that are appropriate to meter and provides metering recommendations for agencies.
Guide describes information about energy and resource metering at federal facilities, including metering requirements under EPAct.

Guide describes building commissioning, recommissioning, retrocommissioning, and continuous commissioning for federal facilities.

Checklist helps fleet managers evaluate vehicle telematics system data parameters and potential fleet management applications.
Sortable table displays energy-efficient products that are well suited for federal applications.
Summaries of agencies that have successfully implemented efficiency measures.

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