The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) provides agencies with guidance and direction on how to increase water efficiency and reduce water use in federal buildings and campuses. 

The key water-related requirements are contained in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 and the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Learn more about water management requirements. Agencies are also required to include water-efficient elements in new construction per the Guiding Principles for Sustainable Federal Buildings.

Plan and Measure

Water Management Planning
Outlines steps, templates, and key resources for agencies developing a comprehensive water management program.
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Water Metering Resources
Provides guidelines and technical resources on the selection and prioritization of water meters to help improve water management.
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Water Vulnerability Assessment Tool
Helps users understand water supply trends and water vulnerabilities.
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Water Evaluation Tools
Tools help agencies conduct comprehensive water evaluations required by Section 432 of EISA 2007.
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Operations and Maintenance Guidelines
Provides streamlined and updated operations and maintenance guidelines for water-using equipment.
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Water Efficiency Best Management Practices
Highlights 14 best management practices to increase water efficiency and meet federal requirements as identified by FEMP and EPA.
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Cooling Tower Efficiency Opportunities for Data Centers
Offers strategies for water efficiency in cooling towers in new and existing federal data centers.
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Water Project Screening Tool
Enables federal agencies to screen sites for water efficiency opportunities and provides a qualitative score indicating water savings potential.
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Water-Efficient Technology Opportunities
Highlights commercially available water-saving technologies relevant to the federal sector.
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Alternative Water Sources
Provides information about rainwater availability, rainwater harvesting regulations, and condensate capture opportunities in the United States.
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Net Zero Water Building Strategies
Provides information about net zero water and provides strategies on how to design and implement net zero water buildings.
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Case Studies
Browse case studies of successful federal projects.
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Facility Water Cycle and Emissions Crosswalk
Describes the relationship between the facility water cycle and related emissions, and how emissions are calculated and reported federally.
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Net Zero Building Design Elements
Provides high-performance design options, considerations, and example projects related to key net zero water building design elements.
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