To assist agencies in conducting comprehensive water evaluations required per Section 432 of the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) of 2007, the Federal Energy Management Program developed the Water Evaluation Tools to help in conducting comprehensive water evaluations and water use analysis. Three components comprise the tools:

Handbook: Water Evaluation Tools

This document provides general instructions on performing a walk-through water survey to collect the required data for a comprehensive water evaluation and entering data into the online Water Balance Tool.

Download the handbook.

Walk-Through Data Collection Forms

Printable forms that provide a format to document the key information collected during the walk-through survey portion of the water evaluation. These are provided in a PDF format to be filled out during the walk-through.

Download the full collection.

Copies of the forms are below and in the Handbook.

Water Balance Tool

This online tool provides an automated method for developing a water balance for a campus. The tool provides an output with the estimated potable water consumption by each end use and compares the sum of all end uses to the total potable water supplied to the campus. Data collected during the walk-through survey is entered and stored in the tool.