U.S. laboratories on average use far more energy and water per square foot than office buildings and other facilities because their activities are energy-intensive and their health and safety requirements are more stringent.

The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) encourages energy efficiency in laboratories through a whole-building approach that enables agencies and organizations to improve the efficiency of an entire facility rather than specific laboratory components.

Smart Labs
Enables safe and efficient world class science to occur in laboratories through high-performance methods.
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Climate Neutral Research Campuses
Website features a planning process and tool to reduce energy use on campus.
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HVAC Resource Map for Laboratories
Interactive tool with technical component-specific best practices for HVAC systems in laboratories.
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Smart Labs Toolkit
Website describes a systematic process that helps operators plan and cost-effectively achieve safe, efficient, and sustainable laboratories.
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Laboratory Benchmarking Tool
Website compares the energy use of laboratory buildings with that of similar facilities in U.S.
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Case Studies
Browse case studies of successful federal projects.
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