Re-tuning Benefits

Re-tuning helps enable:

- Cost-effective facility energy savings (up to 25%)

- Significant cost savings

- Improved building occupant comfort

- An in-house O&M capability that benefits organizations for years.

Re-tuning is a systematic process aimed at minimizing building energy consumption by identifying and correcting operational problems that plague buildings at no-cost or low-cost. Re-tuning relies on building automation system data to identify and implement control improvements at no cost other than the time to program the changes.

These low-cost or no-cost operational improvements ultimately improve the buildings' energy efficiency, reduce operating costs, and improve occupant comfort.

An active energy management program utilizes many practices to reduce energy use. Re-tuning is one practice that has been verified to produce energy savings ranging from 5% to 25% in federal sites. Re-tuning is an effective, low-cost and relatively easy method for reducing building energy use primarily accomplished through the building automation system controls.

The primary steps of re-tuning include:

  1. Basic building information collection
  2. Trend-data collection and analysis
  3. Building walk down
  4. Identify and implement re-tuning actions
  5. Report findings and recommended actions and implementations
  6. Analyze savings
  7. Continued use of re-tuning in operation and maintenance.
Screening a Building for Re-tuning Potential
Describes seven attributes to help agencies determine if a building can benefit from re-tuning.
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Re-tuning Challenge
Provides selected agencies with a no-cost opportunity to receive re-tuning training and support for a building in their portfolio.
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Re-tuning Candidate Checklist
Helps agencies screen and prioritize buildings for re-tuning suitability.
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Process used to verify that a building performs according to the original design and intent, and meets the needs of the owners and occupants.
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