The Federal Fleet Requirements Resource Center addresses key questions regarding statutory and executive requirements for agencies, such as which vehicles are covered by certain requirements, how agencies can measure compliance, and what information they need to report.

This section details the fleet requirements outlined in the Energy Policy Acts (EPAct) of 1992 and 2005, the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) of 2007, and the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Management Regulation (FMR).

Overview of Fleet Statutory Requirements
Provides a high-level summary of federal fleet statutory requirements.
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Petroleum Reduction
Provides EISA § 142 requirements and resources for petroleum reduction.
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Vehicle Acquisition
Provides EPAct 1992, EISA § 141, and GSA FMR Part 102-34 requirements related to acquiring vehicles.
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Best Practices: Fleet Management Framework
FEMP recommends a framework for fleet managers to develop, implement, and execute an overall fleet-specific petroleum reduction strategy.
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Best Practices: Sustainable Fleet Core Principles
FEMP recommends best practices to right-size fleets, reduce miles traveled, improve efficiency, and more.
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Applicability to Federal Agencies
Details applicability of fleet requirements to federal agencies and vehicles.
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Alternative Fuel
Provides EISA § 142 and 246 and EPAct 2005 § 701 requirements related to alternative fuel.
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Describes EISA § 142 requirement for a written plan to achieve petroleum reduction and alternative fuel increase levels.
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Provides information on the GSA FMR on fleet management information systems.
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