Download the ZEV Ready Tracker and email Federal Fleets to begin the ZEV Ready designation process.

The Federal Energy Management Program's (FEMP's) Federal Fleet ZEV Ready Center provides a process and guide to help federal fleet and facility managers select and acquire zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE)—or electric vehicle (EV) charging stations—for their fleet.

Fleet Electrification Steps

The ZEV Ready Center is organized to follow the process needed to successfully electrify federal fleets and complete the ZEV Ready planning framework at each fleet location. Follow the 15-step federal fleet electrification process below and complete recommended actions within each step to achieve Team Ready, Commitment Ready, Vehicle Ready, Charging Ready, and ZEV Ready designations for your fleet.

Planning Phase

Step 1
Team Ready
Step 2
Team Ready
Step 3
Commitment Ready
Step 5
Vehicle Ready
Step 6
Charging Ready

ZEV Active Phase

Step 13
ZEV Ready
Step 14
ZEV Ready

Fleet Electrification Phases

The federal fleet electrification process is divided into three phases, each with a distinct approach for key stakeholders. 

Planning Phase: Includes identifying and training your team, supporting overall fleet planning and strategy, identifying ZEV and EV charging opportunities, and financial planning.

Design Phase: Includes engaging with your priority staff and utility, designing EVSE and evaluating infrastructure requirements, and obtaining leadership and financial commitment.

ZEV Active Phase: Means you have completed all the designated ZEV Ready steps and are ready to acquire ZEVs and install EVSE at your location.