EISA 2007 Section 432 and EA2020 Section 1002 require agencies to complete comprehensive energy and water evaluations (i.e., audits) on all covered facilities every four years.

The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) plays a key role in helping agencies understand and meet energy and water auditing requirements, including the federal comprehensive energy and water evaluation (CEWE)—i.e., facility audits—requirements of Section 432 of the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) of 2007 and Section 1002 of the Energy Act of 2020 (EA2020).

This support includes identifying, sharing, and demonstrating best practices among federal agencies.

Not only can audits be used to meet the federal CEWE requirements, they can be leveraged to comply with strategic programmatic goals and assist in planning efforts. For example, audits can be used to inform infrastructure resilience and security objectives, energy and water management programs, and capital project plans.

Facility Audit Program Goals

FEMP's Facility Audit Program has four strategic goals:

  1. Federal agencies integrate audits into comprehensive energy and water management programs, such as 50001 Ready, to pursue continuous improvement
  2. Increase energy and water savings and other beneficial results delivered through projects identified during auditing efforts
  3. Increase the value-to-cost ratio of audits in federal facilities by using alternative audit methods and capturing audit synergies with other energy programs
  4. Increase agencies' compliance with the federal CEWE requirement.

Facility Audit Decision Tree

FEMP developed the FEMP Facility Evaluation (Audit) Decision Tree, which agencies can use to determine the best approaches for evaluating their facilities to meet the federal CEWE requirement. This decision tree provides a framework for agencies to:

  • Interpret gathered facility data to understand existing conditions, evaluate federal CEWE exemption criteria, and benchmark the facility against others in the portfolio to determine whether an on-site or remote audit is appropriate for a facility
  • Determine the best type of assessment among the remote or on-site audit options to meet agencies' auditing goals, such as meeting the federal CEWE requirements and identifying opportunities to implement projects with performance contracts
  • Enable federal agencies' energy and water management programs to complete multiple goals, such as meeting the CEWE requirement while assessing facility resilience or electrification.
Please note: Use the FEMP Audit Decision Tree file exclusively in the desktop Adobe application. The decision tree's interactive features may not operate correctly in an online browser or a non-Adobe PDF viewer.

Audit Definitions

FEMP developed Facility Evaluation (Audit) Definitions to serve as a detailed reference for the facility audit terms used in the Facility Evaluation (Audit) Decision Tree and audit scope of work templates.

Audit Scope of Work Templates

FEMP developed template statements of work for federal agencies to procure federal CEWE requirement–compliant audit services. These templates will be for remote and on-site audits.

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