The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) offers the following checklists to help agencies conserve energy in facilities. By implementing these actions, agencies can improve energy efficiency in buildings, central heating plants, and thermal distribution equipment.

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FEMP’s covered product categories detail options for energy-efficient products for facilities.


  • Lower thermostat settings.
  • Match heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) schedules to occupancy schedules.
  • Lower setback temperatures.
  • Optimize morning warmup and night setback controls.
  • Reduce/eliminate major sources of infiltration.
  • Install a desiccant dehumidification system.
  • Minimize use of outside air for process ventilation.
  • Educate employees on building systems and energy efficiency measures.
  • Check/adjust combustion efficiency of gas-fired equipment.
  • Minimize the use of gas-fired refrigeration equipment.
  • Check for ways to control solar gain to reduce the cooling load on buildings, including cool roofs or solar shading on windows.
  • Install revolving doors.
  • Install energy-efficient lighting and occupancy sensors.
  • Install LED exit signs.

Central Heating Plants

  • Conduct boiler efficiency tests.
  • Optimize combustion efficiency.
  • Perform boiler maintenance and set a maintenance schedule.
  • Check boiler water chemistry.
  • Minimize boiler blowdown.
  • Optimize steam plant heat balance.
  • Minimize deaerator steam venting.
  • Optimize boiler loading.
  • Install meters on boiler system make-up lines and blowdown lines to detect leaks.

Thermal Distribution

  • Inspect/replace steam coils and traps.
  • Inspect/repair condensate return equipment.
  • Locate/repair steam leaks.
  • Repair or add insulation.
  • Isolate non-essential distribution piping.
  • Reduce distribution pressure.