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NNSA's leaders drive its critical missions across disciplines and at sites around the nation.

The organization chart (org chart) for NNSA is here.

NNSA leadership

Lisa E. Gordon-Hagerty
Under Secretary for Nuclear Security and NNSA Administrator
William Bookless
NNSA Principal Deputy Administrator
David G. Huizenga
Associate Principal Deputy Administrator
Charles P. Verdon
Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs
Brent K. Park
Deputy Administrator for Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation
Admiral James Frank Caldwell Jr.
Deputy Administrator for Office of Naval Reactors
Honorable Charles L. Hopkins III
Associate Administrator and Deputy Under Secretary for Emergency Operations
James McConnell
Associate Administrator for Safety, Infrastructure, and Operations
Jeffrey R. Johnson
Chief and Associate Administrator for Defense Nuclear Security
Jay Tilden
Associate Administrator and Deputy Under Secretary for Counterterrorism and Counterproliferation
Robert B. Raines
Associate Administrator for Acquisition and Project Management
Nora Khalil
Associate Administrator for External Affairs
Bruce Diamond
General Counsel
Wayne Jones
Associate Administrator for Information Management and Chief Information Officer
Frank Lowery
Associate Administrator for Management and Budget
Douglas E. Fremont
Chief of Staff
Mark Holecek
Manager - Kansas City Field Office
Peter Rodrik
Manager - Livermore Field Office
Steve Goodrum
Manager - Los Alamos Field Office
Steven Lawrence
Manager - Nevada Field Office
Geoff Beausoleil
Manager - NNSA Production Office
Jeffrey Harrell
Manager - Sandia Field Office
Nicole Nelson-Jean
Manager - Savannah River Field Office