The leaders of the National Nuclear Security Administration.

Acquisition and Project Management (APM)

The office focuses on construction project delivery and contract oversight. It ensures that NNSA implements acquisition and project management policies and regulations.

Civil Rights (NA-1.2)

The office works to create an environment that is free of discrimination and embraces and values all NNSA employees.

Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs (NA-CI)

The mission is to support NNSA's programs through interactions with local, tribal, state, and congressional stakeholders.

Cost Estimating and Program Evaluation (CEPE)

The office provides independent, data-driven analysis on all aspects of the Nuclear Security Enterprise.

Counterterrorism and Counterproliferation (NA-80)

The mission is to counter the threats of stolen or misplaced radioactive materials, a nuclear weapon out of the control of a nation-state, or an improvised nuclear device.

Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation (NA-20)

The office works globally to prevent state and non-state actors from developing nuclear weapons or acquiring weapons-usable nuclear or radiological materials, equipment, technology, and expertise.

Defense Nuclear Security (NA-70)

The office maintains security across all NNSA sites and facilities. It also administers DOE/NNSA security clearances.

Defense Programs (NA-10)

Its mission is to ensure that the United States has a safe, secure, and reliable nuclear stockpile. It is also responsible for the transport of special nuclear materials and equipment.

Emergency Operations (NA-40)

The office leads the Department of Energy's response for all-hazards events and continuity operations.

General Counsel (NA-GC)

Its mission is to provide legal advice on a wide variety of complex issues to facilitate achievement of the NNSA's national security mission

Information Management (NA-IM)

The office is responsible for information technology, information management, and cybersecurity for NNSA. 

Management and Budget (NA-MB)

The organization provides NNSA with administrative, human resources, and financial support. Budget information is here.

Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program (Naval Reactors) (NA-30)

Its mission is to provide the U.S. Navy with effective nuclear propulsion plants and ensures their safe, reliable and long-lived operation. 

Policy (NA-1.1)

The office focuses on long term, strategic views of trends in the NNSA mission space and develop recommendations for leadership.

Public Affairs (NA-PA)

The office communicates and answers questions about the agency's missions, goals, and news to the public.

Safety, Infrastructure and Operations (NA-50)

The organization develops and executes infrastructure investment, maintenance, safety, and operations programs and policies.