In case of emergency, the NNSA/DOE Emergency Operations Center is staffed around the clock.

The NNSA/Department of Energy Emergency Operations Center.

NNSA’s emergency management mission combines the efforts of multiple program offices across the Nuclear Security Enterprise in a unified structure to ensure world-class response capabilities for all-hazards events and continuity operations.

The Office of Emergency Management provides operational awareness of the emergency management program for the entire Department of Energy (DOE)/NNSA and enables the Comprehensive Emergency Management System, the Continuity of Operations/Continuity of Government Program, and the Emergency Operations Center. The office enables prompt, effective, and efficient response to any type of natural or manmade emergency that affects DOE/NNSA sites, facilities, or activities.

The Office of Emergency Management develops DOE's emergency management policy to assure the Department can effectively respond to all Operational Emergency and Energy Emergencies while providing emergency assistance to protect workers, the public, the environment, and national security. The Department's emergency management system adopts the National Incident Management System, in support of the National Response Framework. 

The national security environment requires the need for robust Continuity of Operations (COOP) and Continuity of Government (COG) programs. COOP/COG is a Federal Government initiative required by U.S. Presidential Policy Directive 40 (PPD-40) to ensure departments and agencies are able to continue performance of their mission essential functions in times of peace, disaster, emergency, or war.

The Office of Emergency Management establishes and maintains departmental COOP/COG plans, policies, procedures, training programs, and viable alternate operating facilities needed for national security.

NNSA/DOE personnel monitor events 24/7 from the Emergency Operations Center

The DOE/NNSA Emergency Operations Center is a centralized and fully integrated emergency operations support platform. Staffed around the clock with emergency management professionals, the center provides real-time situational awareness and synchronizes interagency and governmental support to private sector emergency management functions for any all-hazards or national security event.

For 24-hour emergency assistance involving the DOE/NNSA, please contact the Emergency Operations Center at (202) 586-8100.