Press release

President’s Fiscal Year 2024 NNSA budget enables modernization and strengthens the Nation’s nuclear security enterprise

WASHINGTON – The Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration released details of President Biden’s Fiscal Year 2024 Budget request for NNSA, a proposal designed to support the nuclear deterrent, nuclear security, and naval reactors.

The budget will allow NNSA to deliver the safe, secure, reliable, and effective nuclear deterrent the nation requires and continue NNSA’s progress in modernizing key production capabilities. It will advance nonproliferation and nuclear security efforts as well as the naval nuclear reactor mission. The budget also supports a strong science, technology, and infrastructure reinvestment across the enterprise to support today’s program and be prepared for the future.

The FY 2024 request of $23.8 billion builds on bipartisan efforts in previous years to modernize capabilities that are essential to maintaining deterrence while investing in innovative approaches to nonproliferation, counterproliferation, counterterrorism, and arms control. The budget request reflects an increase of $1.7 billion over the FY 2023 enacted level, and represents the largest budget request in NNSA’s history.

“The President’s FY 2024 Budget request reflects a strong commitment by NNSA to innovate, collaborate, and deliver on our national security mission. This is our time to transform the nuclear enterprise. We are working to create an enterprise that provides the United States with flexibility and resiliency to respond to a changing geopolitical environment and the budget request directly supports these efforts,” said Under Secretary of Energy for Nuclear Security and NNSA Administrator Jill Hruby. “We appreciate the long-standing bipartisan and bicameral support from Congress that allows us to conduct responsive and responsible weapons modernization, infrastructure refurbishment, nonproliferation, counterterrorism, and naval reactors programs with strong science and technology foundations.”

The request is fully informed by and supports the President’s Nuclear Posture Review and National Security Strategy and is aligned with Department of Defense requirements to ensure the U.S. nuclear deterrent is safe, secure, reliable, and effective.

  • The $18.8 billion request for Weapons Activities will allow NNSA to execute five warhead modernization programs; continue restoring and refurbishing production facilities, including the capability to produce 80 plutonium pits per year as close to 2030 as possible; and maintain stockpile research, technology, and engineering capabilities that are used every day to execute all NNSA programs. 
  • The $2.5 billion request for Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation includes targeted increases to strengthen key nonproliferation, nuclear and radiological security, and nuclear incident response capabilities necessary to protect the nation in a world that is more complex geopolitically and technologically. Increases are specifically requested for nuclear power security and safeguards, Ukraine response activities, and the bioassurance program.
  • The $1.96 billion request for Naval Reactors maintains support for the current operational nuclear fleet, including the Spent Fuel Handling Recapitalization Project, supporting the capability to refuel and defuel aircraft carriers and submarines; continues Columbia-class ballistic missile submarine reactor systems development, research, and development efforts for current and future generations of nuclear-powered warships; and funds continued progress on the recapitalization of laboratory facilities and environmental remediation of legacy responsibilities. 
  • The $539 million request for Federal Salaries and Expenses reflects a $64 million or 13.5 percent increase to support 2,006 Federal Full-time equivalents required to manage NNSA’s mission and provide the necessary leadership and oversight of NNSA activities. 

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