Jason Armstrong

Jason Armstrong, Manager of the NNSA Savannah River Field Office

Jason A. Armstrong is the Manager of NNSA’s Savannah River Field Office (SRFO), a position he has held since April 2021. As the SRFO Manager, he leads a team of approximately 50 federal employees in managing and operating contracts with an annual budget of $1.3 billion, and a contract workforce of nearly 4,000 people. He is responsible for the implementation of national security and nonproliferation missions by providing oversight of program management, nuclear operations, security, quality assurance, environment, safety and health, and the overall execution of key mission deliverables. He is a member of the Senior Executive Service.

Before coming to SRFO, Mr. Armstrong served as Assistant Manager for Nuclear Safety and Engineering at the NNSA Production Office from March 2018 to April 2021 where he was responsible for nuclear safety, nuclear explosives safety and engineering program elements, systems and processes associated with the delivery of nuclear weapons and components, research and technology development, and upkeep of equipment and facilities critical to the Nation's nuclear weapons enterprise. His duties also included ensuring nuclear and hazardous facilities at the Y-12 National Security Complex (Oak Ridge, Tennessee) and the Pantex Plant (Amarillo, Texas) operate safely and securely.

Mr. Armstrong previously served as the Operations Director for the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Office of Environmental Management in Oak Ridge where he was responsible for leading a large team of facility representatives, health and safety professionals, and nuclear safety engineers, providing contract oversight of 2,500 employees.

In 2014, Mr. Armstrong was appointed by senior agency leadership to serve as an Accident Investigation Board Member for the Waste Isolation Pilot Project in New Mexico following a fire and radiological release. As a board member, Mr. Armstrong spent seven months at the Los Alamos National Laboratory evaluating and ensuring transuranic waste is safely packaged.

Mr. Armstrong also worked previously at the DOE Richland Operations Office, Office of River Protection, and the Brookhaven Site Office in New York. In 2007, Mr. Armstrong qualified as DOE Facility Representative at the Brookhaven Site Office. In addition, Mr. Armstrong served as the Acting Deputy Manager at the OE Pacific Northwest Site Office.

Mr. Armstrong received a Bachelor of Science degree in radiation health physics from Oregon State University. In addition, he is a Certified Health Physicist and attended the DOE Nuclear Executive Leadership Training course.