A portrait of Ahmad Al-Daouk
Ahmad Al-Daouk

Ahmad Al-Daouk is the Associate Administrator for the Office of Environment, Safety, and Health, a position he has held since January 2023.

With over three decades of federal service, he serves as NNSA’s Cognizant Secretarial Officer for safety as well as the Certifying Official for offsite shipments of materials of national security interest and other hazardous radioactive materials. He is responsible for the effective development, assessment, and consistent implementation of safety programs and requirements across the nuclear security enterprise. In addition, Mr. Al-Daouk provides executive leadership and oversight of NNSA’s programs, policies, and procedures for packaging and transportation; environment and sustainability; nuclear materials integration; and waste management. He is a member of the Federal Senior Executive Service.

Mr. Al-Daouk previously served as the Deputy Associate Administrator for the Office of Enterprise Stewardship. In this role, he was a leader in energy and sustainability, forging partnerships across NNSA and the Department of Energy to decrease NNSA’s energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. He worked to establish programs to support NNSA’s pit production mission, such as the NNSA transuranic waste program, and lead collaborative efforts to salvage materials, avoiding the cost of disposal and generating value to the agency. His engineering and nuclear safety experience includes decontamination and decommissioning Haz Cat ll Nuclear Facilities; coordinating safe and secure, cross-country shipments of spent nuclear fuel; executing spent nuclear fuel loading operations; waste management; and managing environmental restoration projects for the Department.

Mr. Al-Daouk earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University and a Master of Business Administration from Saint Bonaventure University in New York.