The U.S. Department of Energy held the H2@ Scale R&D Consortium Kick-Off Meeting on August 1, 2018, in Chicago, Illinois. The meeting objectives were to (1) engage broad regional stakeholder groups to discuss the role of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in addressing national and regional priorities in economic growth, grid resiliency, energy storage, job creation, air quality, and transportation innovation; (2) identify region-specific opportunities for hydrogen in transportation, chemical industries (such as ammonia production), steel manufacturing, petroleum refining, and more; (3) collaboratively develop plans for advancing H2@ Scale both nationally and regionally, with a focus on the Midwest for this event; (4) introduce H2@ Scale Consortium project teams and share research goals and plans; and (5) obtain feedback on potential future early-stage R&D activities in support of H2@ Scale.


H2@Scale R&D Consortium Kick-Off Meeting Agenda


Opening Session

Panel Discussions

Value Proposition of Integrating Hydrogen Production Technologies with Nuclear Power, Wind Energy, and Solar Energy, and Opportunities for R&D Innovation

Innovations to Enable Hydrogen Use in Emerging Manufacturing Sectors

Status of Hydrogen Infrastructure Technologies and Priority Areas for Future Innovation to Enable Wide-Scale Growth

Value Proposition of H2 for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Transport in Port, Rail, Truck, Bus and Other Fleet Applications

Cross-Sector Industry Panel on Value-Added Applications for Hydrogen in Diverse, High-Volume Sectors