The U.S. Department of Energy's Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) hosted its 2023 Project Peer Review on April 3‒7, 2023. The presentations from the Plastics Deconstruction and Redesign session are available to view below. For more information, including a complete schedule, view the 2023 Project Peer Review Agenda.

Plastics Deconstruction and Redesign




Technology Area Introduction

Coralie Backlund


Introduction & BOTTLE Overview

Gregg Beckham, Meredith Doyle, Michelle Reed

BOTTLE Consortium


Jason DesVeaux, Taylor Uekert

BOTTLE Consortium


Yuriy Román-Leshkov, Taraka Dale

BOTTLE Consortium


Adam Guss

BOTTLE Consortium

Redesign & Modeling

Eugene Chen, Linda Broadbelt

BOTTLE Consortium


Christopher Tassone, Meltem Urgun-Demirtas

BOTTLE Consortium

Industry Projects & Engagement

Kat Knauer

BOTTLE Consortium

Hybrid Approach to Repurpose Plastics Using Novel Engineered Processes (HARNESS)

Kate Kucharzyk

Battelle Memorial Institute

Multi-University Center on Chemical Upcycling of Waste Plastics (CUWP)

George Huber

University of Wisconsin-Madison

ResIn: Responsible Innovation for Highly Recyclable Plastics

Linda Broadbelt

Northwestern University

Trojan Horse Repeat Sequences for Triggered Chemical Recycling of Polyesters for Films and Bottles

Eric Cochran

Iowa State University

Upcycling PET via the VolCat Process

Greg Breyta


Designing Recyclable Biomass-Based Polyesters

George Huber

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Production of high-performance biodegradable polyurethane products made from algae precursors

Michael Burkart

University of California, San Diego

Hybrid Chemical-Mechanical Separation and Upcycling of Mixed Plastic Waste

Mike Hore

Case Western

Circular Economy of Composites Enabled by TuFF Technology

Joseph Deitzel

University of Delaware

Highly Recyclable Thermosets for Lightweight Composites

Junpeng Wang

University of Akron

Modular Catalytic Reactors for Single-Use Polyolefin Conversion to Lubricating Oils from Upcycled Plastics (LOUPs)

Aaron Sadow

Iowa State

Upscaling of non-recyclable plastic waste into CarbonSmartTM monomers

Ching Leang


Degradable Biocomposite Thermoplastic Polyurethanes

Jon Pokorski

University of California, San Diego

Recyclable and Biodegradable Manufacturing and Processing of Plastics and Polymers based on Renewable Branched Caprolactones

Paul Dauenhauer

University of Minnesota

A closed loop upcycling of single-use plastic films to biodegradable polymers

Xianglan Bai

Iowa State

Integrated Chemolytic Delamination and Plasma Carbonization for the Upcycling of Single-Use Multi-layer Plastic Films

Hsi-Wu Wong

University of Massachusetts Lowell

Catalytic Deconstruction of Plasma treated Single-Use Plastics to Value-added Chemicals and Novel Materials

Debasish Kuila

North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University

Process Intensified Modular Upcycling of Plastic Films to Monomers by Microwave Catalysis

Yuxin Wang

West Virginia University

All-Polyester Multilayer Plastics (All-Polyester MLPs): A Redesign for Inherently Recyclable Plastics

Muhammad Rabnawaz

Michigan State University

Infinitely Recyclable and Biodegradable Films for Improved Food Packaging

Ally Robinson

TDA Research, Inc.

Development of Infinitely Recyclable Single-Polymer Chemistry Bio-based Multilayer Films Using Ethylene/Carbon Monoxide Copolymers

Hadi Mohammadi